2Muslims.com Best Islamic Site Award WINNERS LIST
DateTitleDescriptionAward Type
3-Feb-2007God's Mosque: Religious facts about IslamProvides answers to real life questions about Islam and current events using the Quran for guidance.Silver Award
1-Feb-2007Islamic VideosUltimate source for islamic videos. Lectures Debates by great islamic scholars like Zakir Naik, Ahmed Deedat, Bilal Philips, Israr Ahmed, Harun YahyaSilver Award
14-Dec-2006Quran explorer . comIam a new muslim and Quran explorer has been a excelent site for my to learn how to recite the Quran correctly. Its simple to use and all you need to have is microsoft explorer to use it.Gold Award!
28-Nov-2006Islamic Web PortalAssalamu Alikum Warahmatullah, This is an amazing web portal which I would like to share with all my friends and family. The Fastest Growing Islamic Web Portal: www.challengeyoursoul.com has two fantastic competitions. Win a DVD competition, where everyone is a winner And T-SHIRT challenge!!! Please check it out and you wont be disappointed with thousands of free downloads, islamic books, softwares, videos and much more... A Bit about the portal from their site: The attitudes and behaviour of men and women today are shaped and moulded by the media whose ideals and images, by and large, are non-Islamic. Challengeyoursoul.com aims to produce content with Islamic ideals and images for all current and future media. Challengeyoursoul.com would like to lead the Ummah in the field of communication, Insha Allah. Our website www.challengeyoursoul.com, occupies a unique position on the Internet. Not only are Muslims from all over the world logging on in ever increasing numbers, they are also accessing a wealth of practical Islamic information through weekly updates and informative programming. This knowledge can, Insha Allah, be shared by individuals and communities alike. As Internet technologies expand, look for even better things to come from Challengeyoursoul.com! The West not only leads the world in communication, it also ranks among the best places for Muslims to develop their own dynamic media. The Muslims of the West are particularly well-suited to lead the Ummah in both the science and art of modern communication. Challengeyoursoul.com has recognized the potential worldwide impact Muslims can have by sharing the message of Islam in a pleasing and professional manner. We are among the dedicated few who have embraced this challenge and with the help of Almighty Allah and your support, we will succeed in meeting it. Your brother in Islam Umm HamzaSilver Award
18-Nov-2006YRHost.co.uk - Islamic Web PortalYRHost.co.uk is an newly designed and well presented Islamic Web Portal.Silver Award
22-Oct-2006muslimkidz.comA SIte dedicated for the childrenGold Award!
8-Oct-2006Islam Religion Information & Dawah CenterMuhsin Productions, Inc. Dawah Center and Islamic Articles. Plus Al-Minhaj TV.Gold Award!
8-Oct-2006Muslim Teenz Online Magazine.Articles and advice for Muslim Teens by Muslim Teens.Gold Award!
6-Oct-2006www.challengeyoursoul.com - Your One Stop Islamic Portalwww.challengeyoursoul.com is a one-stop Islamic Portal for Muslims & Non-Muslims. It is also the official portal for IBC Ltd. (Islamic Broadcasting Corporation), the company behind the famous Shaykh Khalid Yasin DVDs. www.challengeyoursoul.com is dedicated to advancing information, fostering community, and educating people about Islam by providing a comprehensive portal dedicated to serve Muslims around the world. It is the resource of every Muslim on the internet, and the site where Muslims and non-Muslims seek information, inspiration and education about Islam. Silver Award
29-Sep-2006Dar ut Tawheed PublicationsThis site has very detailed information on almost every aspect of deen and continues to grow at an amazing rate. They also have a lot of resources and printable pamphlets which are great for non-muslims.Gold Award!
21-Sep-2006The Official Website of Shaykh M I H PirzadaThis is the official website of Shaykh Pirzada who is a remarkable scholar living in the United Kingdom. The Site was launched on the Night of Mi'raj al-Nabi on 21 August 2006.Silver Award
17-Sep-2006I-MAG MagazineI-MAG is a free online non-profit quarterly magazine. I-MAG aims at presenting a fair and objective image of Islaam. Our magazine is not a dogmatic one, we believes in critique and critical thinking, in hopes of presenting intellectual enlightenment in all areas we cover while adhering to the code of ethics of journalism. Silver Award
21-Jul-2006MutmainaA site FILLED with information on different aspects of Islam; on du'a, dhikr, salah, Islamic Activism, Takaffur, Islamic Games and all sorts! The above is the meta from the site...but alhumdulillaah, it's a great site...deserves gold I believe. Wallaahu Ya'lamu.Silver Award
8-Jul-2006Visual DhikrContemporary Islamic Art site with completely new range of work, photography and cool t-shirts!Gold Award!
20-Jun-2006Muslim Revival Discussion ForumA discussion forum (board) for the dawah carriers regarding the revival of the Muslim Ummah and how to bring back the past glory of islam and unite the ummah through the establishment of the khilafah (caliphate - one global islamic state). Specially for the dawah carriers of Pakistan but all can join.Silver Award
23-May-2006الموقع الرسمي للداعية محمد مختار مصطفى المقرئLeactrues and speeches for Mohamad Mustafa Al Moqri, addressing a multitude of topics from an Islmic perspective in Arabic. The speaches deal with many different issues within Islam; social, financial and political.Silver Award
12-Apr-2006YAALLAHUAssallamu Alaikum, Brothers & sisters learn to perform salatSilver Award
9-Apr-2006Real teachings of islamquran unicode search and hadith of shahi muslim in arabic, english and urdu and urdu naats , free download of softwares, books, mobile things and much more..Gold Award!
28-Mar-2006ToyTutors.comIslamic toys for the new generation. Hands down, it has the best flash graphics on a Muslim site. Check it out. Silver Award
24-Mar-2006ikhwa : Peaceikhwa, brotherhood, friend, chat , sms, news, articles, downloads, and friendshipGold Award!
21-Mar-2006Brisbane Muslims - Uniting the Ummah one city at a timeThe Brisbane Muslims Team aims to provide a facility for the various Islamic communities in and around Brisbane to be united as one. Through our business directory, event listings & current affairs topics we will Insha' Allah make it easy for Muslims to keep up to date with what is happening in the Brisbane community. Silver Award
17-Feb-2006Abatasya Islamic WebsiteAbatasya Islamic Website is dedicated to the Most Noble Messenger Muhammad (Shalallahu 'Alaihi wa Aalihi Wasallam) and to the people of his household, the Ahlul Bayt, salutations and peace be upon them all. All the material here can be used (without alteration) for any kind of purpose deemed right by the way of ISLAM.Gold Award!
28-Jan-2006Queensland Muslim TimesQueensland Muslim Times is a Queensland Based Newspaper (australia). The website contains vast amount of information including a listing of Halal outlets as well as a listing of Mosques in Queensland. All current Upcoming and Regular Islamic Events are listed on the website which is mainly focused on serving the needs of Muslims in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Regional Queensland. Salaah timetable for brisbane muslims and queensland muslimsSilver Award
17-Jan-2006The True CallAssalaamu 'Alaykum, The True Call Islam is a site for Non Muslims who are seeking the truth about Islam. Wassalaam HaroonSilver Award
29-Dec-2005Zaytuna Institute & AcademyAbout Zaytuna Institute: Zaytuna Institute is a non-profit, educational institute and school founded and run by people committed to reviving time-tested methods of educating and transforming human beings. It is our belief that Islam offers a cohesive understanding of the world and a praxis for it that is able to cut through the illusion of contemporary nihilism and materialism. Zaytuna Website Concept: Our goal for the website was of two parts. One to capture the environment and ambiance of the Institute itself. The second was to disseminate the information in the site itself as easily as possible, all while maintaining tranquility. We incorporated all elements for the website, from the pictures to the icons, from actual realities at Zaytuna Institute. All icons including the donation box, luah, and madrassa window are items that can be found while visiting Zaytuna Institute. Arrive after fajr and watch the mist clear from behind the Zaytuna tree. Those far away from us are always close by a click of a button. Perfection is only with Allah subhaanahu wa ta'ala.Gold Award!
2-Nov-2005Islam4RealIslamic Website which highlights and compares similarities between christianity and islam. Dawah websiteSilver Award
3-Nov-2005IslamBasics LibraryFree English Islamic books, booklets and articles onlineSilver Award
9-Nov-2005Islamic Insitute of PhilosophyDistance Learning Course offering Programs in Islamic Philosophy.Silver Award
25-Nov-2005Al-Islam OnlineA very vast site including an online library, the Holy Qur'an in many languages and mp3..lot moreGold Award!
25-Nov-2005New to IslamResources, information and advice for new Muslims about Islam and being Muslim.Silver Award
2-Nov-2005Collection of 100 Darood PakCollection of 100 Darood Pak Drood-e-Ibrahimi Durood-e-Taaj Durood-e-Mahi Durood Mustajabud Dawaat and many many moreSilver Award
23-Oct-2005Al-IslamVery Rich islamic site with all information about islam from holy Quran , hadeth , sunah , Fatwa , in multilanguage conentGold Award!
21-Oct-2005Islamic Center of Central BrevardLooking for articles to increase your eeman (faith)? Wondering the way of the Prophet (SAW) and his companions? Our site has informative articles, alhamdoliAllah and soon we are going to have audio in both arabia and English. InshAllah. Take a look today!Silver Award
20-Oct-2005Path-To-PeaceA site offering information on Islam and muslims. Features articles, downloads and pictures.Gold Award!
19-Oct-2005Islamic websiteAssalam alaykum.We cover various ranges of Islamic articles regarding different topics in Islam such as fiqh, aqidah, dua'a etc. The language used on my website at the moment is Swahuli, and Inshallah if Allah wills we are planning also on opening in English language as well.Silver Award
13-Oct-2005Muslimas OasisIslamic Information for Women & Girls. Includes a Female ONLY Forum and Free Female Only Email.Silver Award
23-Sep-2005Muslimkidz.comA site dedicated to muslim childrenGold Award!
21-Sep-2005Fort-of-Islam Islamic DirectoryComprehensive list of Islamic links and resources on-line!Gold Award!
17-Sep-2005Shaikh Siddiqui Family WebsiteShaikh Siddiqui Family website with twelve generation of family trees and personal webpages.Silver Award
15-Sep-2005DaralislamLive E-Translation Publishing HouseDaralislamLive E-Translation Publishing House is a non profit, English Islamic portal, delivering authentic Islamic material, including Amr Khaled Translations, and an exclusive writers society. There's also an amazing online community forum where people gather from all over the world to discuss important issues and take part in spiritual online projects such as reading the Qur'an daily or memorising the Qur'an, etc.Silver Award
16-Aug-2005Myanmar Muslim CommunityMyanmar Muslim Community Website. To unite the Myanmar Muslims around the world and to educate the Young Muslims from Myanmar. myanmar muslim myanmar muslim burmese muslim muslim chat myanmar chat forum fiend discussion Islam Allah God Religion Muslim Mohammed Muhammad Prophet Arab American Jesus Christianity Judaism Jew Catholic Real Audio Quran Hadith Imam Islam Islam Salat Interest Islamic Islamiyet news Gold Award!
13-Aug-2005Muslim By ChoiceSharing inspriation and writings about Islam and being Muslim.Silver Award
13-Jun-2005DaralislamLiveAn Online Non-Profit Islamic E-Publishing Translation House, translating and publishing exclusive Islamic material in different media formats, including text, audio and video, in a fresh and contemporary website design. Also has a wonderful online forum community where members discuss important issues in a relaxed atmosphere and engage in Islamic projects together such as reading a daily portion of the Qur'an together and learning Allah's 99 names together, etc. There is much more to this website as it keeps growing everyday!Gold Award!
2-Jul-2005Sunni Dawat-e-IslamiLots of wonderful islamic knowledge, daily hadiths, newsletters and audio that promotes and enlightens hearts with the love and sunnah of the holy Prophet (Peace be upon him)Silver Award
8-Jul-2005Digital IslamSite is about Quran and Islamic data.Gold Award!
11-Jul-2005Arabic Learning MaterialsAre you a homeschooler, parent, teacher or school interested in Arabic Learning Materials? You have come to the right place - all materials are FREE for non-commercial use!Silver Award
14-May-2005Myanmar Muslim Information CentreThe First Myanmar Muslim Website.Informations of Various Muslim Organizations is represented with a relivent and concise space.The topics represented here is in Myanmar Language with *.pdf of Islamic religious index such as Islamic Belief ( Tauheed ),salat,zakat,Sawm, Haj,Islamic History, Islamic Jurisprudence,Islamic social relation,Halal & Haram,Islamic Historical Personnals,Myanmar Muslim Affairs, Prophet Mohammad,Islamic Education and Islamic Economy. Silver Award
13-May-2005RealFurqan.comArticles, materials, audios, videos bout Islam. tryin to help the misguidance of media....Gold Award!
10-May-2005al-Meezaan.comIslamic articles, ebooks and lessons according to the Qur'aan & Sunnah as understood by the Pious Predecessors.Gold Award!
10-May-2005/fort-of-islam/site still needs work but i think a lil bit of time and it will b very nice site in deedSilver Award
8-May-2005Load-IslamIslamic website with articles, nasheeds, downloads, gallery and much more.Gold Award!
26-Feb-2005DaralislamLiveAn Islamic Site with Amr Khaled Lectures in English, audio, text and video format. Includes even more great Islamic material!Silver Award
14-Apr-2005alhuda trust websiteQuran, sunnah , islamic topics, chat, islamic women,and more Silver Award
30-Apr-2005Islam in HannoverInternet Portal for and about muslims and islam in hannover (lower saxony in germany).Silver Award
21-Mar-2005GateWay TO ISLAMLearn The Most basic and most important teachigns of ISLAM, A religion built according to human nature.Get the knowledge of basics 5 pillars , tabligh, jihad, nimaz, quran and their rewards here and in the life here-after. Also get cool islamic wallpappers & Screen Savers. share them with your friends family and muslim brothers & sisters. In addition with of islam & Science Articles.Plus 99 Names of ALLAH and HOLY Names of HOLY PROPHET (S.W.A)Silver Award
5-Mar-2005Islamic WebsiteBringing Islam to new levels in the 21st Century. InshAllah, you will learn and share knowledge in our Forums and view our extensive Islamic articlesSilver Award
3-Feb-2005Irving Masjid WebsiteThis is official site about the masjid at Irving in Dallas Fort Worth Community.Silver Award
6-May-2005Towards islamI will like to nominate this website as it has its own Islamic Radio station and dua's Articals and many more. This site was Created by danish... Towardsislam Has everything although we are still improving and inshallah we will finish the site... The radio is powered by SHOUTcast winamp, The station has Islamic nasheeds,Talks,quran recites and many more... www.towardsislam.com. jazakllahGold Award!
30-Dec-2004HELP FOR THE CONVERTI developed this site to help new convertws learn more about islam, or guild them to sites that I used myself.Silver Award
2-Jan-2005Myanmar Muslim Community: News, Friendship, Chat, ForumNews, FriendShip, Chat, Forum especially for Myanmar Muslims. Meet your Myanmar Muslims brothers and sisters on MyanmarMuslim.comGold Award!
24-Nov-20044MuslimsAsalaam Alaikum I want to nominate this site because it is excellent for dawah. It focuses on forums & not chat rooms which are not that efficient for dawah purposes. It has areas for all muslims & non-muslims. It has a novel reverts listing to help old & new reverts. It has protected private brothers & sisters areas which was requested by members. Apart from the huge variety of boards it is strictly moderated by an excellent team. The team allow expression of personal opinions as long as it is backed by evidence but aims for Muslim unity. There is a real sense of community & an award from your site would give us the recognition & encouragement for us to go from strength to strengh. Jazakallah khair.Silver Award
12-Nov-2004Al-Jaleel UniversityIslamic distance learningSilver Award
2-Nov-2004National Muslim Events CalendarA site that is designed to unite the muslims on a non-political platform by consolidating all events to one website, www.muslim-calendar.com, One Ummah One Calendar!Gold Award!
4-Nov-2004Nuhs ArcheKomm auf Nuhs Arche und erfahre die Größe ALLAHs (s.w.t.), indem Du über Geschöpfe liest, die ER erschaffen hat...Silver Award
24-Oct-2004Myanmar Muslim Information CentreInformation about Islam with Myanmar Language. Some are English. This site is the first Myanmar Muslim information web site.Silver Award
14-Oct-2004Maranao SiteIt is the site of muslim maranaos here in the philippinesSilver Award
14-Oct-2004Islamic Jewellery WorldThe web's favourite Muslim store offering a world of exclusive gifts and essentials.Silver Award
20-Sep-2004HajjReview.comThis site is dedicated to helping improve the Hajj experience by creating a forum for people to review their Hajj and Umrah packages. The site is new and needs people to submit their experiences to help future Muslims.Silver Award
12-Sep-2004The Muslim Clothing StoreCurrently the team at The Muslim Clothing Store are working on our very own collection of muslimahs islamic clothing, suitable for if you are a go getting career muslimah or a stay at home mum. Our clothing inshaallah be made to the highest of standards and design, be stylish and practical, and easy to care for, while still maintaining the strictist of covering as revealed in the Quran and Sunnah. Silver Award
6-Sep-2004kids 4 IslamA fun filled site for Muslim kids, stories, Islamic quiz, colouring book, games, members submissions, follow the adventures of Milk_sheik on dawah Island.Gold Award!
1-Sep-2004My ALLAH Is Great Who created you? Who granted you your body, your eyes, or the color of your hair? Who determined the shape of your body or the color of your eyes? Who created all other people, the heavens, Earth, and every living being in between? Who determined the order of the planets, the Sun, and the stars in the depths of space? Your answers to all these questions will be the same: “Allah.” So, how well do you know our Creator, Who planned you and the entire universe with a delicate equilibrium? Are you aware that He sees and hears you every moment and knows your every act? Why dont peoples dont realize the greatness of Almighty Allah ... here is the best site about islam for the muslim to realize the greatness of Allah here are proofs , the ayats , the revealations , the miracles and the advice for the youth and much more.... so dont wait just visit .. and explore WWW.MYALLAHISGREAT.TK In Simple . we can say Allah is Known Through Reasons Which Is Enlightened By The Holy Verses Of The Quran Silver Award
1-Sep-2004Myanmar Muslim Information Centre ( MMIC )Myanmar Islamic Organization Halal info: Silver Award
14-Jul-2004Sunnat Nikah Islamic Matrimonial ServicesSunnatNikah.Com is a website,providing Matrimonial services to our Muslim brothers and sisters living anywhere in the world.Articles on Nikah, Marriage,etiquettes of Marriage/wedding according to Islam.Silver Award
22-Jul-2004Simply IslamSimplyIslam.org is a non-profit organization who's goal is to provide Islamic content such as downloads, audio, Articles/Hadith, Islamic Flash Animations, Links to many Islamic Websites, and so much more, to the Muslim World. Gold Award!
16-Jul-2004Muslimah ConnectionMuslimah Connection is an online community and resource center for Muslim women. Muslimah Connection offers a private discussion list for sisters, free business listings for sisters and reviews sister-to-sister resources.Silver Award
24-Jun-2004Islamic-Awakening.comViews & opinions on current events from a Muslim's point of view Silver Award
22-Jun-2004Mufti SaysSite dedicated to answering Fiqh related issues. Answered by Dedicated young Ulamaa under the guidance of Shaikhul Hadeeth Mufti Umar Farooq.Silver Award
19-Jun-2004İslam HarfleriMy site is in Turkish and it is about the Silver Award
9-Jun-2004MalaysianGifts.comHand carved wooded crafts, batik cloth designs and other related crafts from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Your one stop shop for bringing the East to the West.Silver Award
7-Jun-2004WizeDomeGlobal Islamic Community PortalSilver Award
1-Jun-2004IslamCan.comLargest collection of Islamic stories, miracle pictures, signs of Allah, greeting cards, audio lectures, and much more.Gold Award!
26-May-2004WorldOfIslam PortalIslamic resources site, with downloads, links.Gold Award!
25-May-2004Toronto Shariah Program*** The Arabic Language has never been more accessible! The “Online Arabic Intensive” program uses state-of-the-art webcasting to bring you the wisdom of highly-qualified, traditional scholars in the West. For a comprehensive and easy-to-follow tutorial, visit http://www.shariahprogram.ca *** Silver Award
17-May-2004Islam in HannoverThe first community-portal for muslims in hannover (lower saxony) Germany. Beware, german language.Silver Award
6-Mar-2004Innocent IslamA site to promote better understanding of Islam; Lihob Allah (for the love of Allah)Silver Award
29-Feb-2004pakistanimaritime.compakistanimaritime.com is a non-profit venture, initiated to provide maritime community with advantages of online communication and mutual interaction. All services are free of charge and open to everyone. Services include:Open Database of Mariners, Maritime Web Site Awards, Sitering, eGroup, Free Maritime Classifieds, Maritime Discussion Board, Maritime Links, Maritime Picture Gallery and more. Silver Award
28-Feb-2004IslamRuler.comThis is a site ragardin islam , but it is in norwegian and maintained by a 13. year old boy , but other have the ability to sign up an write their own articles and get comments.Gold Award!
23-Feb-2004Alwayz IslamA site made by a convert to Islam to promote understanding about Islam.Silver Award
22-Dec-2003We Need to UniteIslamic articles, resources, downloads and more!Gold Award!
15-Feb-2004IslamicData.com - Providing Data for the Ummah to Analyze this site intended purpose is to offer a service that provides informative materials to the Ummah. This site is a FREE service, so that brothers/sisters that don't have the means to purchase such material can still increase his/her Iman by this service.We encourage you to gain as much knowledge as you can from here, and to also spread it in the same format that you recieved it; FREE. Silver Award
15-Feb-2004Domain of IslamHome to Islamic Resources! Site designed for islamic dowloads.Gold Award!
6-Jan-2004Ahadees.com : Collection of Ahadees , Duain , Durood , etc.Ahadees means Sayings of Holy Prophet Hazarat Muhammad S.A.W. This Site contain Collection of Ahadees in Urdu placed in different categories like Namaz,Ruza,Zakat,Hajj,Huquq,Fazilat etc. Also collection of Durood , Duain , Naats and six Kalmay.Silver Award
3-Jan-2004L'IslamA french site for islamic webmaster (interfaces, gifs, wallpaper and a lots of things). You can download full subjects in french Gold Award!
31-Dec-2003Al-Quran Professional Web Based ApplicationAl-Quran Professional Web-based Application equipped with search engine over al-quran verses in arabic and translations in English, Malay and indonesian. 30 juz', friendly interface, supportted greatly on Internet Explorer 6 (With arabic Enabled)Gold Award!
30-Dec-2003NASEEHANaseeha.. The islamic da'wah site... Spread islam online for free just contact naseeha and we will helpGold Award!
30-Nov-2003Hujja. Caribbean Islamic ResourceA Caribbean Islamic Online Resource, for everyone and anyone interested in islam. We invite you to join, particpaite and experince Islam in the Caribbean.Silver Award
9-Aug-2003Khadija's Islamic ResourcesLinks to dozens of sites that give away Islamic Books and Qur'ans. Hundreds of downloads. Resources for Muslims in need. Halal & Fun sites for kids and adults.Gold Award!
14-Jul-2003Abdul Mateen Khan's Islamic Web DirectoryAn Islamic Website Covering a wide range of Topics and Issues relating to Islam Gold Award!
9-Jul-2003myMuslims.comAn online Muslim directory where you can locate Muslim companies from around the globe.Gold Award!
1-Jul-2003Learning Islam together @ www.ezboard.comAssalamu alaykum, I made this forum to help new reverted Muslims as well as non-Muslims wanting to learn Islam. All Muslims are invited to share their knowledge and to help others learning. I hope our forum will be of help to many people inshallah!Silver Award
17-Jun-2003RenaissanceRenaissance, A Monthly Islamic JournalSilver Award
12-May-2003Laman Web Mazuki Izani El-BesutyIslamic web site in Malay languageGold Award!
23-Apr-2003Islam in MeAll about Islam, picture gallery.Gold Award!
6-Apr-2003Sufiportal.de, Das Portal fr Sufismus und IslamThe biggest german portal for sufism & islam. Also with links to english sites.Silver Award
8-Apr-2003Zawaj.com Muslim Matrimonials and More!Don't imagine that Zawaj.com is only a matrimonial service. The site features over a thousand articles on Muslim family issues; a monthly advice column; a Teen Perspective column; an original and funny series of stories called Egyptian Tales; wedding photos; photo essays of regional Muslim wedding customs, recipes; and Qur'an and hadith resources. And of course the Muslim matrimonial ads from all over the world with photos and confidential mailboxes.Gold Award!
3-Mar-2003The Holy Quran ( Digital Form)The Holy Qur'an Digital Book, with the voice of Shaikh Abdul-Rahman Al-Sudeis and Shaikh Saud Al-Shureim. The Holy Qur'an Digital Book is the first of its kind that aims at assisting students, beginners, and non-Arabs to learn the Arabic language and the Qur'an through listening to recitation and reading the instant Arabic Tafsir. Gold Award!
3-Mar-2003Allaahuakbar.netThis Website is dedicated Insha'Allaah (God willing) to Propagate, Defend, Promote and Publicise the True Islaam, It is for Those Individuals who share a common goal of serving the cause of Islaam by Protecting and Correcting the Misconceptions about Islaam and Refuting the lies and Distortions of enemies within and outside Islaam, This site is Aider of the Sunnah and a thorn in the throats of the Heretical Partisans, Islaam forbids from all kinds of hizbiyyah (party spirit) and ta'assub (blind attachment). We oppose the stubborn adherence or blind following of madhhabs and prejudiced loyalties to parties, as this joining together is often in opposition to the Qur'aan and Sunnah. We regard unity as being a good thing, and we don't call to splitting away into groups and sects, each happy with what they call to. This is because unity can only be upon the truth (i.e. strictly adhering to the Qur'aan and Authentic Sunnah), not based upon Whims and Desires. So any Muslim which has an opposing views against the heresy and Deviant Sects about their Dogmatism and Blind faith are invited to view this website.Silver Award
6-Mar-2003PutraSoft myName -- Software for Exploring Muslim Baby NamesThe Most Powerful and Easiest Software for Exploring Muslim Names -- Library and search engine for exploring and creating muslim names and any related information. Free Download and latest update also available.Gold Award!
19-Feb-2003Abdul Mateen Khan's Islamic Web DirectoryAn Islamic Website Covering a wide range of Topics and Issues relating to IslamGold Award!
5-Feb-2003HajjUmrah Tours DirectoryHajjUmrah.co.uk is geared to provide a local independent directory of Hajj and Umrah Tour Operators, Travel Tips, Hajj and Umrah Books, Hotels, Visa information also provides an online hajj & umrah tour, Hajj & Umrah ForumSilver Award
30-Jan-2003LA ILAHE ILLALLAHIslam Information - Trkish, English & German League - Islam Cliparts, Gifs, Wellpapers, Backgrounds and More.Gold Award!
23-Jan-2003Road To HeavenIncludes Holy Quran, Hadeeths, Islamic wallpapers, downloads, Quranic stories, screen saver and more.Silver Award
20-Jan-2003Asfaar Magazine for tourism & travelMagazine in tourism and travel from United Arab EmiratesSilver Award
20-Jan-2003scienceprovesislamThe purpose of this site is to prove Islam scientifically true.Silver Award
10-Jan-2003Auctions Service for MuslimsAllows Muslims to auction on books, CDs, Tapes, Movies, Computers, Qur'an/Hadith books and many more items at iexchange.orgGold Award!
3-Jan-2003YehhaikarachiA first pakistani Yahoo Site...Gold Award!
13-Dec-2002PakGiftShop.com...Gifts to PakistanGifts to pakistan, Flowers, Mithai, CAkes, Stuff Toys, and more, audio cds, fruits and moreSilver Award
25-Nov-2002A Window to the Islamic WorldKnowledge of Islam with topics ranging from Dua's to Manners in Islam, from The Need for Islam to Five Pillars of Islam, Greatness of Parents to Asma Al Husna and much moreSilver Award
21-Nov-2002The Holy QuranThe Holy Quran Exclusively.Gold Award!
7-Nov-2002www.phuketdir.com/baantalangrestaurantThe Muslim restaurant in Phuket, Thailand.Silver Award
18-Oct-2002Islam Channelislamic art. wallpaper. animation. MP3.Silver Award
24-Sep-2002Islam is for the whole mankindIslaam Pure and Clear, that is according to the Quran and the Authentic Sunnah The Way of the Salaf.Gold Award!
27-Sep-2002Rahila's Islamic Graphics ArchiveMy site offers hundreds of free Islamic graphics.Silver Award

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