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"Helpers." The Muslim converts at Medina who helped the Muslims from Mecca after the Hijrah.

Amir al-Muminin

In some countries like Morocco, Amir al-Muminin or Commander of the faithful is the religious chief.


Amen, a supplication meaning, "O Allah, accept our invocation!" used only in Sunni Islam


the trust. Of all creation, only human beings carry the "trust", which is free will.


One who knows. A scholar in any field of knowledge; a scientist who knows science or a theologian who knows religion; similar to Japanese sensei, "teacher"


the afterlife, and accountability for present deeds


"Night journey" of the Prophet saw

Allahu Akbar

"Allah is the Greatest." Islamic expression.

Alhamdulillah ?

"Praise be to Allah!" Quranic exclamation


Literally "worlds", humankind, jinn, angels and all that exists


The practice of virtue. Morals.

Ahl al Bayt ?

members of Prophet Muhammad's Household. Also known among Shia as the Masumin infallibles; spiritually pure.


rulings and orders of the Qu'ran and Sunnah. Five kinds of orders: Wajib, Mustahab, Muharram, Makruh, and Halal.


literally "only." Islamically, ahad means One Alone, unique, none like God. Al-Wahid is one of the names of Allah.

Ahl al Kitab ?

"People of the Book", or followers of pre-Islamic monotheistic religions with some form of scripture believed to be of divine origin: Jews, Christians, "Sabians" probably Mandaeans, and sometimes Zoroastrians


Justice especially distributive justice: social, economic, political, environmental.


call to salat prayer


servant, worshipper, slave. Muslims consider themselves servants and slaves of God. A common Muslim name is Abd'allah/Abdullah, or Servant of Allah.


Traditionally describes good manners, as in etiquette. For example, being courteous is good adab. However, the term can be used very broadly, and the proper translation would be "the proper way to get about something," as in the example, Aadaab al Qitaal, or, "The Proper Way of Fighting in War," Qitaal in Arabic means mortal combat in which the word "etiquette" does not befit the context.

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