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This is a small but growing dictionary of Arabic word and their meaning in English, you may search for a word, add a word or list words by the first letter.. enjoy!

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Bris milahs

In the Jewish faith, the circumcision ritual and gathering/reception.



Beledi dress

The covered garment worn for certain Middle Eastern dances.


The traditional cabaret costume of a bra, fringed belt, bare midriff, and skirt or harem pants. Singular or plural; bedlah is bedlah.

Balady, Baladi, Balady, or Beledi

(Arabic ) Literally means "my town/city", used colloquially to mean "native/country", often used pejoratively to mean "hick/backwards". A folksy, improvisational type of music. Balady (or beledi) can also refer to the style or the specific beat of the music.

Baba ghanouj

A dip made from eggplant and sesame paste. The name means "Old Spoiled Daddy;"

Buyoot pl. of al-bayt


good news, glad tidings


how bad, miserable to feign, distress

Bi-idhnihi=With his permission


Command or Permission


in between, among


our distress, strength, fortitude, courage, conflict


give good tidings

Bashar(u), Basharan

man, human being, mankind


yes, why not, yes indeed


all of a sudden, surprise


far away, distant, remote


a few, some, a part, a portion


after, in addition to, beside

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