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This world or life, as opposed to the Hereafter


second salat prayer


remembrance of God; Sufi spiritual exercise; Muslims believe that the primary function of prophets is to remind people of God.


personal prayer, supplication


fine for unintentional murder.


the way of life based on Islamic revelation; the sum total of a Muslim's faith and practice. Din is often used to mean the faith and religion of Islam.


"Protected person"; Jews and Christians and sometimes others, such as Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus, and Zoroastrians, whose right to practice their religion is tolerated under Islamic law, but with lower legal status.


a Sufi ascetic


the call to Islam

Dar ash-Shahada ?

See Dar al-Amn

Dar al-Kufr ?

refers to the Quraish-dominated society of Mecca between his flight to Medina the Hijra and his triumphant return

Dar al-Islam ?

the abode, or land, of Islam

Dar al-Harb ?

areas outside Muslim rule; the non-Islamic world

Dar ad-Dawa ?

a region where Islam has recently been introduced

Dar al-Amn ?

status of a Muslim living in the Western world

Dar al-`Ahd ?

the Ottoman Empire's relationship with its Christian tributary states


going astray


an Islamic figure similar to the Antichrist; means "liar" or "deceiver"

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