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Full bath or body wash .

Ghazwah Dhat ar-Riqa

The battle of the rugs. This name was given to this battle because the people who took part were bare footed and the land was rough so, when their feet became blistered, they bandaged them with torn-up strips of clothing.

Ghayru Mujbir

representative who cannot marry a woman without her consent.


"(Lit. Risk, Hazard, Uncertainty) Technically it signifies the contract or transaction in which the object of contract or the commodity is not determined for both or either contracting party and thus the contract involves an element of risk and uncertainty. Examples are the sale of fish in the water which has not been caught or of a bird in the air or of a foetus in the womb (hable-al-habla). The sale of milk in the udder is also termed ""gharar"". It is also applicable in cases where the gain of one partner in a business is guaranteed but that of the other remains uncertain. All transactions involving gharar are unlawful in Islam."

Ghaban Fahish

Exorbitant price or rate of profit charged by the seller, agent or middleman.


A person in debt.






it means literally "invaders of the heart" They are Gypsies/ Roma. A dancing tribe of Egypt mainly in Luxor, Quena Sumbat,that flourished in the eighteenth century and exists in smaller numbers today.



Gha 'bi







the reward God will give to his people after life according to their acts in life.


Muslim soldier, warrior.


military expedition.

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