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the Hell-fire; Hell


clarification of truth in its ultimate form.


heroic martyrdom.


public interest - a source of Islamic Law.


the night journey during which Muhammad ?is said to have visited Heaven. See miraj.


chain of transmitters of any given hadith


night; the fifth salat prayer


the second call to prayer. Similar to the azhan.

Insha'Allah ?

God Willing.


Muslim term for the holy book said to have been given to Jesus, who is known as Isa to Muslims; Muslims believe the holy book has been lost and the New Testament gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are not the word of Allah, only Christian stories about Isa


the habitual inclination to give rather than take in life; the basis for charity


personal faith


successorship of Prophet Muhammad and the leadership of mankind.


literally, leader; e.g. a man who leads a community or leads the prayer; the Shi'a sect use the term only as a title for one of the twelve God-appointed successors of Prophet Muhammad.


all varieties of knowledge, usually a synonym for science


deity, lord, god; not necessarily The God.


During the early times of Islam, the possibility of finding a new solution to a juridical problem. Has not been allowed in conservative Islam since the Middle Ages. However, Liberal movements within Islam generally argue that any Muslim can perform ijtihad, given that Islam has no generally accepted clerical hierarchy or bureaucratic organization. The opposite of ijtihad is taqlid, Arabic for "imitation".


the consensus of either the ummah or just the ulema - one of four bases of Islamic Law. More generally, political consensus itself.


how Muslims describe the character of the Quran in both form and content


perfection in worship, such that Muslims try to worship God as if they see Him, and although they cannot see Him, they undoubtedly believe He is constantly watching over them.

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