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"Be!" God's command to the universe, 'Be!' and it is.


In Arabic - ungratefulness and disbelief. Islamically speaking, disbelief in God and denial of the truth.


book; The Quran is often referred to as "Al-Kitab"


the sermon at Jumu'ah prayer


a Shi'a article of faith that refers to a one-fifth tax, divided between Sehme Sadaat, a poor sayyid, and Sehme Imam, given to a Mujtahid


a land tax


Man's trusteeship and stewardship of Earth; Most basic theory of the Caliphate; Flora and fauna as sacred trust; Accountability to God for harms to nature, failure to actively care and maintain. Three specific ways in which khalifa is manifested in Muslim practice are the creation of haram to protect water, hima to protect other species including those useful to man, and by resisting infidel domination over Muslim lands, in jihad.


the speaker at the Friday Muslim prayer, or Jumu'ah prayer


Caliph, more generally, one performing the duties of khilafa.

Kalam ?

Islamic theology


from the word kafara - "to hide." Those who deliberately hide the truth; unbelievers, truth-concealers; one who is ungrateful. Plural: Kaffirun.


cube-house; the cube-shaped buidling i.e in Mecca toward which Muslims pray.


Preserved, Strong.




Ibn Abi Muslim al-Hashami had this name.


Hidden treasure.


Clearness, purity

Kulthum, Kulthoom

Daughter of the Prophet


Daughter of Ahmad bin Ali al-Asiwatiyah was a righteous woman who had memorised the Quran; there were many other women of this name including a daughter of the Prophet (S.A.W) a daughter of Sayyidina Abu Bakar (R.A) etc.

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