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Kaif Halik (to a woman)

"How are you?"

Kaif Halak (to a man)

"How are you?"




the first house of worship built for mankind. It was originally built by Adam and later on reconstructed by Abraham and Isma'il. It is a cubed shaped structure based in the city of Mecca to which all Muslims turn to in their five daily paryers.


a person who refuses to submit himself to Allah (God), a disbeliever in God.


in the begining it was a reference to the successor of the Prophet. Later on it began to take on the meaning of head of state for a Muslim nation.


means ditch.


orator, speaker.


to do something right, nice and meaningful for others. It could also mean the blessings and welfare God blessed us with.


nature, quality and character of someone.


a speech or sermon. It is sometimes used to refer to the sermon given during the Friday cogregational prayer.


plural form of kafir.


to show ungratefulness to Allah and not to believe in Him and His religion.

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