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a tower built onto a mosque from the top of which the call to prayer is made


a niche in the wall of all mosques, indicating the direction of prayer


"city"; Medinat-un-Nabi means "the City of the Prophet." See hijrah.


the holiest city in Islam


the Resurrection; God will resurrect all of humankind to be judged. Shi'as regard this as the fifth Pillar of Islam.


an honorific Islamic religious title often, but not exclusively, given to Muslim religious scholars or Ulema preceding their names. Maulvi generally means any religious cleric or teacher.


an Arabic word literally meaning "our lord" or "our master". It is used mostly as a title preceding the name of a respected religious leader, in particular graduates of religious institutions. The term is sometimes used to refer to Rumi.


literally, innocent or free of sin; children are considered masum. Can also refer to an adult individual who does not commit sins, does not make mistakes, does not forget, etc. although he/she does have the choice to commit sins. The Shi'as regard the Prophet Muhammad, his daughter Fatimah, and the twelve Imams to be the fourteen Masumin. Finally assumed as a title for an 'infallible leader sent by Allah', notably by the Almohads' founding Mahdi and Imam.


place of prayer; mosque


the Biblical Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Masha Allah ?

God has willed it.


goals or purposes; such as the purposes of Islamic law


consensus of the community

Ma malakat aymanukum

one's rightful spouse literally: what your right hands possess




a relative of the opposite gender usually described as being "within the forbidden limits"; a better description is "within the protected limits". means relatives who one can appear before without observing hijab and who one cannot marry.


the fourth daily salat prayer


school, university


school of religious jurisprudence, school of thought

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