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This is a small but growing dictionary of Arabic word and their meaning in English, you may search for a word, add a word or list words by the first letter.. enjoy!

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Masaa'  an-Nuur

(response) And Good Afternoon to you!

Masaa' al-Khayr

Good Afternoon/Evening!

Man huwa

Who is he?

Man Hiya

Who is she?



Min ayna huwa

Where is he from?

Min ayna anti





Maa ismik

What is your name? (to a female)

Maa ismak

What is your name? (to a male)

Maca as-Salaama

Goodbye  "go in safety"




the first city-state that came under the banner of Islam. It is where the Prophet's masjid and grave are situated.


the military campaigns of the Prophet.


the obligatory salat, prayer, that is performed right after the sun sets over the horizon.


a dowry given by the man to the woman he is about to marry. It is part of the Muslim marriage contract. It can never be demanded back under any circumstances.




a mount near the Ka'bah that is referred to in the Quran as one of the symbols of Allah. It is in conjuction with safa.


a place of worship and salat. The life of the early Muslims used to revolve around the masjid. Meetings would be held there, discussions would take place there. It is called a 'mosque' in English.

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