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Ummat= People, Nation, Generation


His mother, his abode, his origin, his source


I, (We) was commanded, instructed, commissioned, entrusted


Plural of Ummat


My Sister



Ummii, Waalidatii

My Mother

Umm or Waalida

Mom, Mother


female teacher


male teacher


the learned, knowledgeble people in Islam. Plural form of alim.

Umm al-Mu'mineen

means 'Mother of the Believers'. This was the title of the Prophet's wives; (sura 33 ayah 6 stipulated that they could not marry after the Prophet's death because all of the believers were their spiritual children.


an ummah is a community or a people. It is used in reference to the community of Believers or Muslims.


this is the lesser pilgrimage which is optional and can be performed at any time.


the official language of Pakistan.


a chief goddess in the religion of the pre-Islamic Arabs during the days of jahiliyyah.

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