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This is a small but growing dictionary of Arabic word and their meaning in English, you may search for a word, add a word or list words by the first letter.. enjoy!

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"Ya Noori"

(Arabic) "You are my light."

"Ya Lilli Ya Aini"

(Arabic) "You are my eyes."


(Arabic) "Oh, God", origin of the Spanish "Ole".


(Arabic) Exclamation. "Lets Go." See "Opa!"


"Oh sh*t"


He likes or he will like


he turns from or will turn to God's grace


they grieve, sadden or will grieve


they grieve, sadden or will grive


They swear, they take oath


increases, to extend, stretch

Yaa ayyuhaa

O you who


Hey!  (used only with person's name or title)


the area where the city of Madinah is situated.

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