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Top Islamic Sites FAQ

Which sites are eligible for the Muslims Top Sites?
All Islamic sites, including personal, business, small or big resources and most Arabic sites. We reserve to the right to reject any site that promote or link to non Islamic contents.

Why should I join, and what are the features your Top sites offer?

  • We are the Only Islamic top sites service that will count your Actual visits, Hits In and Hits Out.
  • It is a free services. And will make you earn free traffic with No cost to you.
  • Built in search engine so you can find your site easy even among hundred of other sites.
  • Your site will enjoy a wide range of services just by adding it including: getting listed on the largest Islamic search engine, Free Tools, full access and control, Free guest Book, many webmasters tools, and more.

How do I join?

  • First you must be a user of the directory if not click here.
  • Then You Can add your site to our database
  • A confirmation will be emailed to you with your HTML code.
  • Then your link will be reviewed by the administrator and if approved an e-mail will be sent to you with your HTML Codes again. The code enables us to track the hits your site generates and the visits it gets so make sure to insert it correctly.

    What does the code looks like?

    See any link detailed page for an example..

    How do I know that the code is correct?

    A logo should appear on your page indicating that the code was inserted correctly.

    How does the counter work?
    Our top sites software will record:

    1. The Visits you site get (EXP).
    2. The Hits your site provides to the top sites listing (IN).
    3. The Hits your site gets from our site (OUT)

    We reset the counter on regular basis to give new sites an equal chance to compete.

    Do I have to show the logo?
    Yes the code we will provide you with should be inserted completely our the COUNTER WILL NOT WORK.

    May I place the code on all my pages?
    Yes, as long as you place the code on pages that you owe.

    Can I change the frame size of my code?
    No because this will adjust the image site and it will not load correctly.

    What if I find a non Islamic site listed?
    You can hit the report as Error Link beneath the link listing or let us know about it by emailing us at webmaster@2muslims.com.

    My website's information or my personal information have changed, what should I do?

    Just log in and view your account aoptions.

  • Add Date: 30-04-2006

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