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What are the Banner Exchange Rules?

Our banner exchange program is designed to help Islamic web sites communicate and connect together.

Why should you join:

  • It is a free services. And will make you earn free traffic with No cost to you
  • You will get 1000 free impressions just for joining.
  • You give free gifts in the form of impressions throughout the year.
  • You will have the ability to check your stat, change your banner and code right from the internet without the hassle of contacting us.
  • Password restoration service for your account.
  • Our ratio is 1/1 meaning you will get free banner impression for each impression you display on your site. And we believe that this is the highest any banner exchange program can go.

  • We reserve the right to delete any account that cheats or have a non Islamic contents.
  • Dormant members are those with inactive banner for over 30 days, they will be notified then if not reactivated will be deleted.

    Join the Exchange

    Hope you will like this service.

  • Add Date: 30-04-2006

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