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A Free Guest Book services for the Muslims webmaster . Comes with the ability to customize the header and footers.

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  1. 夜警日誌でもクールなイル君 : Added 2017-07-27 , by
  2. ウールとナイロンの異素材を組み合わせたNIOR ラインです。 2階と3階はレディスファッション、4階と5階はヤング・カジュアルのフロアです。 [url=http://maxellservices.com/wp-content/maxel/dvdbox_1/index.html]太陽 の 末裔 ファッション[/url]
    また、この作品には、序曲がなく、この頃作曲された、交響曲を序曲にした可能性も指摘されています。 現在、日本で映画の撮影をしている最中で、岡山県に滞在しているとのこと
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  4. my email by the way is grinds@projectmathsnotes.ie

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  5. comment on your writings about drugs and to correct error about ayats: Added 2016-10-17 , by
  6. Salamun alaikom,
    Dear brother

    I refer to a large article on this site which equates drugs with khamr , because of a hadith of the prophet SAW which is vague.

    Please compare ayats K.5.90 and K.16.67 of holy Qur'an. I believe this generates a doubt. If you find me wrong, please tell me why. Otherwise we should for sure campaign against the death penalty for drugs.

    You also say something incorrect about Qur'an! You can't do that! You say that there is a punishment prescribed for people drinking alcohol there - lashes - where does it say that????

    I remind you of the ayats at K.6.68 onwards, we must only speak the truth about our God and our law. Would advise you ammend what you have been writing to reflect the truth.

    Advise me if I am wrong brother

    Salamun alaikom
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  9. SALAM: Added 2016-09-14 , by
  10. I hope to meet kind, reliable, open hearted man. I want him to be a reliable person and to have a great sense of humor
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  13. From The Islam Religion Book I want to Learn: Added 2015-11-21 , by
  14. Dear Sir/ Madam
    I am Md. Asif Alamgir. I have the need to read and TELOWATH THE AL QURAN SHARIF ARABIC LANGUAGE and read ISLAM RELIGION BOOKS for to learn and IBADATH.
    I beg respectfully and pray that you will respect gift the ISLAM RELIGION books to myself and your kind decision will make myself able to read and learn.
    Thank you for your kind consideration.
    Your regards
    Md. Asif Alamgir.
  15. Felatio: Added 2015-10-12 , by
  16. Allah sucks pigs cocks in hell while mohammed licks their anus
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  19. Women rights: Added 2013-03-13 , by
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  21. islami sohbet: Added 2013-02-19 , by
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  23. faith: Added 2010-03-22 , by
  24. I love faith because without faith world is not going
  25. buisness: Added 2010-03-18 , by
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  28. Islamic Names Directory: Added 2010-02-17 , by
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  30. SODOMY ATTACK: Added 2010-01-28 , by
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  41. happy fun: Added 2009-09-14 , by
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    “We are very pleased that Islamic Compass supports our community”, says Imam Osman
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  • free guest book: Added 2009-06-05 , by
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  • Learn Quran Online: Added 2009-06-04 , by
  • Asslamu alikum
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  • FREE SOFTWARE: Added 2009-05-30 , by
  • impressed!!: Added 2009-05-23 , by
  • wow..am reali impressed dat we can find hadiths online..dats soo cool u knw..but i was juss willin if we could listen to de hatids cause we can't read some of them..so de voice-readin would be V.helpful..i gess.

    p.s. its reali cool site to be!
    may GOD reword U 4 ur dutifulness.
  • Free Book: Added 2009-05-14 , by
  • order for free islamic books: Added 2009-04-21 , by
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  • From : zaina ishaaq: Added 2009-04-08 , by
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  • wanna add a guest book: Added 2009-04-01 , by
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  • Introduce Yourself: Added 2009-03-20 , by
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  • Eid-e-Zahra(s.a) Mubarak To all the momineen: Added 2009-03-17 , by
  • بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    Respected Momeneen,

    In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.Eid-e-Zahra(s.a) Mubarak To all the momineen who have wept their heart out for 2 months and 8 days which is certainly a tiny contribution to the gham of Shohdae Karbala.

    But yes it is significant as a matter of fact your tears and bloodshedding and your sleepless nights of aza does make Janabe Fathema (s.a) feel that there are numerous azadars in this mean world who still love Imam Hussain (a.s).

    Eid-e-Zahra – An occasion of great happiness - Do's & Dont's Rabi-ul Awwal 9, the day of glory, honor, dignity and blessings, is a great Eid known as "Eid-e-Shuja’a", "Eid-e-Zahra (A.S)” or the Feast of Zahraa (A.S.). Many traditions from holy Prophet (S.W.) and his Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) have been reported in its merit.

    Ibn-e-Taous narrates in Zawaed-ul Fawaed that Holy Prophet (S.W.)’s companion, Hazrat Hozayfa Yamani (R.A.), said that he went to holy Prophet (S.W.) on 9th of Rabi-ul Awwal and witnessed him smiling while he had his eyes on the faces of his grandsons Imam Hassan (A.S.) and Imam Hussain (A.S.). He said to them: ‘Surely on this day, Allah will ruin His enemy and enemy of your grandfather, and prayer of your mother will be accepted on this day, and this is the day when Allah accepts deeds of your followers and your devotees…”

    This was the day, when pained Ahl-e-Bayt-e-Rasool (holy Progeny of holy Prophet (S.W.)) ended their mourning following the gruesome tragedy of Karbala and for the first time after the massacre of his father Imam Hussain (A.S.) and his companions, the 4th Imam (A.S.) Ali bin Al-Hussain Zayn-ul Abideen (A.S.) smiled.

    It is reported in Behar-ul Anwaar, Vol 45 and Jame-ur Ruwaat, Vol 02 that it was this time of the year when Ahle Bayt-e-Rasool (A.S.) brought their mourning to an end as Hazrat Mukhtar Saqafi (R.A.) - one of the great companions and true followers of Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) - took revenge from killers of Imam Hussain (A.S.) by killing them all in the same manner as they did, and then he sent to Beemar-e-Karbala Hazrat Imam Zayn-ul Abideen (A.S.) the heads of the slaughterers of Imam Hussain (A.S.) including Ibne Ziyad and Umer bin Sa'ad. Umer bin Sa'ad was the first to shoot the arrow towards Hussaini camps and he then proudly said: "Be witness that me the first to shoot the arrow."

    Receiving heads of these tyrants, Imam Zayn-ul Abideen (A.S.) paid thanking prostration to Allah saying, “Thanks to Allah for He took revenge from our enemies" and prayed for Hazrat Mukhtar (R.A.) in these words: "May Allah reward Mukhtar good.”

    It was Mukhtar (R.A.) who managed to bring happiness after years of mourning in the house of the Ahlul Bayt (A.S.).

    Chief of Prophets holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.W.) said, "Train your brood in three things; the love of your Prophet, the love of his progeny i.e. Ahlul Bayt, and recitation of Quran."

    This Eid day achieves more heights of honor, glory and excellence as on this auspicious day the crown of Imamat is passed to Imam of our era, the last 12th Imam Al-Mehdi (A.S.). A saying of Holy Prophet (S.W.) goes: "One who dies without knowing the Imam of his time, dies a death of ignorance.”

    Friends of Muhammad (S.W.) and Aal-e-Muhammad (A.S.) should celebrate this day with great happiness, for our joys are with the joys of Ma'soomeen (A.S.) and our grief and sorrows are for them alone.

    Recommended Amaal of this day-
    * Dress in new and fine apparel,
    * Perfume oneself,
    * Throw feast for Momineen (believers),

    Make them (Momineen) happy,
    * Greet each other,
    * Recite Ziarat Imam-e-Zamana (A.S.)

    Avoid On this Day-
    * Singing, dancing, movies, Songs & any Haram act
    * Any act that cause disunity & fitna amongst Muslims
    Use of abusive or offensive language

    Namaz is a piller of Religion. If Nmazaz is accepted all other deeds are accepted. If Namaz is rejected then all other Deeds are rejected.. Holy prophet

    Rabi-ul Awwal 9, the day of glory, honor, dignity and blessings, is a great Eid known as "Eid-e-Shuja’a", "Eid-e-Zahra (A.S)” or the Feast of Zahraa (A.S.). Many traditions from holy Prophet (S.W.) and his Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) have been reported in its merit.

    Jiyo Janabe Fathema (s.a) ke khadmon ki chaon me........
    Lanat bar Umar, Abu Bakr, Usman,Yazid,Moawiya,Shimr,Hurmula,Sanan Ibne Anas, Talha & Zuber (the two hypocrite bastards) and all the enemies of Ahlul Bayt (a.s).

    Best regards

    Allama Syed Furqan Haider Abidi
    Cell no.0333-2388298

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  • Free Guest Book For The Islamic Sites: Added 2008-12-26 , by
  • assalamo 3alykom
    i need to add guest book to my website

    thank u 4 ur cooperation
  • Please view the link.: Added 2008-12-25 , by
  • Assalam-u-allaikum,

    Please visit the following link, inshallah.

    Jazakallah Khair. Keep up the good work, may Allah (SWT) reward you for your effort, ameen.
  • Free Guest Book For The Islamic Sites: Added 2008-12-16 , by
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  • names: Added 2008-12-13 , by

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