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  1. It's Amazing: Added 2010-03-21 , by
  2. This FAQ has helped me greatly in understanding the Islamic faith. As a student (of America), I find it to be amazing in the ways that the religion is alike to my own. Thank you for helping me further understand what I have been taught in my World History class. =)
  3. idek: Added 2010-03-18 , by
  4. lameeeee
  5. ISLAM FAQ: Added 2009-12-28 , by
  6. islam FAQ: Added 2009-12-28 , by
  7. sacred islam: Added 2009-12-27 , by
  8. muslim=heathen: Added 2009-04-13 , by
  9. Mohomed raped and married a 12 yr old girl, and they call him a holy man. if he was in my state and country he would be hanged and scoured and thrown to the pigs and dogs.!!!
  10. New To Islam: Added 2009-02-26 , by
  11. i have converted to islam..and i love it
    allah w akbar

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