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Random Quran Verse And Random Hadith displayer


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An Islami CGI script that will pull a different Hadith and a different Quranic verse every time that pages loads.

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  1. Hello From Bam Jangle: Added 2015-12-26 , by
  2. Hello. Sometimes I feel like I'm on a different planet. I smoke a lot of marijuana. The other day I shot a bear in my pajamas. How he got in there I have no idea. Do you like to eat big bowls of chili and then blow mud out of your hairy asses? I hope that you will also enjoy smoking dope. Have a very good year in 2016.
  3. GREETINGS: Added 2010-02-28 , by
  4. Masha-Allah, may Allah reward you abundantly, please continue with this good job. Ma,assalam.
  5. arabic: Added 2009-05-23 , by
  6. arabic
  7. islam: Added 2009-04-26 , by
  8. i love muslim

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