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  1. OtSrUZHOIr: Added 2015-10-08 , by
  2. Henna'd for the first time last week using this recipe. Absolutely love the reltsus. The only changes I made were I clarified prior & applied henna to damp hair. I also let the mixture sit for 5 hrs prior to applying to my hair (was multitasking). My hair is so much stronger now. Thank you!
  3. maasha allaah story is nice: Added 2009-09-07 , by
  4. but there are lots of children stories in quraan and hadees,if u pleas add to this web site its usefull for children and even reverts.insha allah if you do so in there life they can practice islam very esly.(accoding to quraan and sunnah stories) may allah help you to continue islamic daawa.wassalam.

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