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Rank Title EXP (Actual visits they got based on counter placed on their site) IN (hits from site to 2muslims) OUT (hits from 2muslims to site)
51 Islam In Focus (html) 2179 10 207
This is by far the best book out there to explain islam to non muslims who want more than the basic information about Islam.
52 Muslims Webring service 2105 60 556
This web ring will help the islamic sites connect with each another as a webring.
53 Islamic Search engine and Directory CGI Script 2092 50 939
A CGI for the Islamic sites that will enable you to run your own search engine using 2muslims.com largest islamic directory database through XML. The results will be customizable in everway and it is totally FREE.
54 Manners of naming your Muslim child 2064 11 554
How to name your muslim childs, names pick up, rules and more.
55 What Famous Non-Muslims Say About Prophet Muhammad ? 2031 11 125
Quotations from twenty-seven famous Non-Muslims about the life, character, and mission of Prophet Muhammad; on Islam, Muslims, peace, justice, myths, misinformation, anti-Christ or savior of humanity; HG Wells, James Michener, Edward Gibbon, Bernard Shaw, Washington Irving, Mahatma Ghandhi, and others.
56 An Introduction To The Science of Hadith 2028 39 646
The Muslims are agreed that the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) is the second of the two revealed fundamental sources of Islam, after the Glorious Qur'an.
57 Poems for children about Prophet Muhamma 1978 2 6
No Description available.
58 The Book of Taharah (cleanliness) A part from 'Nur al Idaah' 1949 3 35
No Description available.
59 Sultan.org 1947 45 432
Has links to many sites that give away Qur'ans, Islamic books and other Islamic items, both through the mail and by download.
60 Tamilil Quran - Tamil translation of Quran and Hadeeth. Hadees, Quraan, Islam, Prophet Muhammed, Sah 1855 17 612
A great site about Quran, Islam and Muslims in tamil text. Allows visitor to search entire Quran in Tamil Language
61 2Muslims Islamic Gallery and Postcards Collection 1854 42 854
Over 1000 islamic images, greetings, and postcards in this collection of Islamic gallery.
62 Syed Abu-Ala' Maududi's Chapter Introductions to the Quran 1852 72 529
Maududi's translation and commentary on the Quran, "The Meaning of the Quran", ranks as one of the best such works in existence today. Unlike many early translators, Maududi uses the standard technique of providing an explanation of the Quranic verses from the Sunnah of the Prophet (sas), including the historical reasons behind the verses. Below is a list of Maududi's introductions to each chapter in the Quran. Unfortunately, this represents a very small portion of the six volumes which comprise the complete commentary.
63 Free Islamic Hadith search engine CGI Script 1824 35 594
Full Hadith collection of all four books translation in English search engine and listing CGI script for the Islamic sites to use.
64 Quran Online Audio 1816 29 772
You can listen to any verse of the holy book without downloading time right from the internet, just click on the names
65 Tawhid: Faith in the Unity of God 1794 6 132
From Syed Abul A'la Mawdudi's Towards Understanding Islam
66 Partner with 2Muslims.com 1760 66 694
A Free Chance for the any Islamic web site to partner/Exchange links with us and enjoy a stream of rewards..
67 Quran Random Displayer CGI Script 1759 51 410
A FREE Islamic CGI script that will allow you to run your own random Quran Verse displayer script.
68 What is the Origin of Man? 1758 2 27
No Description available.
69 Sawda bint Zama 1737 7 98
No Description available.
70 2muslims.com :: Muslims Internet Directory and Search engine 1733 73 15286
Islamic categorized search engine and directory. Over 25000 links, 1000 books and articles, with full range of features, tools and services for both users and webmasters, muslims and non muslims alike.
71 Free Islamic Quran search engine CGI Script 1713 35 633
Quran translation of the meanning in English search engine and listing CGI script for the Islamic sites to use.
No Description available.
73 Alharamain.org Free Qur'an/Books 1650 49 1042
International offer. Free Qur'an & Islamic Books. Click for the language of your choice. On the next page click "Free Books" on the left side of the page. On the order page scroll down and enter your mailing information. Check mark which package you want (Muslims or Non-Muslims) Note: This site is currently back logged with requests, so be patient. They will fill your order when they have the books for the package you requested
74 Hadith Random Displayer CGI Script 1612 43 365
A FREE Islamic CGI script that will allow you to run your own random Hadith displayer script.
75 Muslims Prayer and Calendar calculation software 1605 62 47726
This islamic software download will let you calculate the prayer time, view the Islamic Calendar, , learn how to pray and more, for any area in the world.
76 Poems for children about Good Manners 1597 3 9
No Description available.
77 Comparison between Islamic and Western concept of law and its impact on minorities 1545 4 28
No Description available.
78 Hadith-Qudsi - The "Forty Sacred Hadith" version 1.1 1536 22 684
Hadith Qudsi are of enourmous theological value as they reflect meanings that Almighty Allah has portrayed in dreams or Visions of The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), This Desktop software is a collection of 40 Hadith Qudsi. You can read more about these Sacred Hadith and how they differ from other Hadith in the Introduction.
79 Welcome to the dailyAftab the urdu daily from kashmir online edtion 1496 22 426
dailyaftab.net and dailyaftab.com where you can get latest news from kashmir in urdu.
80 DarAlbalagh Media Company 1449 19 336
Dar Albalagh, is a Media production house located in the Makkah region of Saudi Arabia. We developed www.daralbalagh.com as a virtual store front for media productions. Dar Albalagh has been in media production since 1988 and currently distributes its products in Europe, the Far East, Middle East, and North America.
81 Saaid.net One of the largest islamic libraries online, mainly in arabic. 1442 31 970
No Description available.
82 Muslims Contributions to civilization 1429 18 149
No Description available.
83 DAWA Do's and Don't's 1423 18 268
No Description available.
84 SPCA Selangor 1400 5 57
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
85 Wapzon.com 1381 22 199
Includes information on WAP, GPRS, CDMA, 3G, UMTS, Bluetooth and wireless devices.
86 The True Stories of the Prophets Lives 1361 13 851
Stories of the Prophets contains the complete English translation text of Al-Imam Ibn Khathir's book, translated by Mustafa Geme'ah, of Al-Azhar institute, Cairo. With this software, you can learn about the fascinating lives of the Prophets, their struggles and victories, as well as the lessons that can be learned from the time they spent with our previous generations.
87 Truth & Trust in Islam 1360 11 29
No Description available.
88 Islam chat room Islamic Muslim 1357 21 295
Islam chat rooms Forum Free online Islamic chat site. Our Muslim chatting sites are For all Muslims. Islam room icq group live . Muslim chat site
89 Iqbal Urdu Cyber Library: Read 500 Free Urdu Books by 2008 1342 20 1598
Welcome! Read Free Urdu books online Now on Iqbaliyat (Iqbal Studies), Urdu Classics, Poetry, and Prose… 50+ Books with 10,700+ Pages! Download Books, screensavers, wallpapers or Get CD. We are determined to publish 500+ Books by 2008 with Your Help. Urdu is 2nd largest spoken language but very few Urdu books are available online. Urdu can be a rich language in cyber space if Urdu community wishes to do so. Starting this long journey we only want to facilitate Urdu reading by utilizing new & inexpensive medium of digital book.
90 Woman in the shade of Islam 1326 13 56
No Description available.
91 The Islamic Finder 1321 40 936
Find any masjeed in the usa by city or zip code.
92 Reality Of Idol Worship And Buddhism 1311 4 29
No Description available.
93 Beautiful Muslim Names 1303 12 2495
Featuring well over 2000 muslim names with meanings. An interactive site including articles, naming tips, downloads and much more. Included are Arabic names, Persian names and Turkish names
94 Islamic virtues from the Quran 1291 17 235
No Description available.
95 What Is Our Message? 1285 3 75
No Description available.
96 Priorities of The Islamic Movement in The Coming Phase 1280 1 90
No Description available.
97 Free Books By Ahmed Deedat 1274 17 534
Free books by Ahmed Deedat for Non-Muslims. The IPCI sees its role primarily to INVITE Christians, people of other faiths, and humanity at large to the WORSHIP AND SUBMISSION of the ONE, UNIQUE, and SUPREME GOD, with Whom none is COMPARABLE. So it is in the response to this that the Islamic Propagation Centre International offers you their services in the service of the Almighty Allah, by sending you free books no matter where in the world you live. Look at the book list and then click the "literature" link on the right side of the home page to send a request by email.
98 Aswat Al-Islam - Sounds of Islam 1262 18 393
Huge Colelction of Islamic Lectures, Quran and Videos
99 Material on the Authenticity of the Quran 1232 12 139
Material on the Authenticity of the Qur'an and Proofs that it is a Revelation from Almighty God.
100 Prophet wifes & Daughters Names 1229 5 74
No Description available.

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