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Top Islamic Site on 2muslims.com sorted by the number of hits IN they generated.
Rank Title EXP (Actual visits they got based on counter placed on their site) IN (hits from site to 2muslims) OUT (hits from 2muslims to site)
1 Aminah's World of Islam - O you believe! seek assistance throught patience and prayer, surely Allah 103 354 565
O you believe! seek assistance throught patience and prayer, surely Allah is with the patient . Articles about islam, informations for new muslims, Qur'an & some Ahadith, the women in islam, Family and Health, Online News, Human Rights and much more about Islam
2 AgnateMoslem.net - Free Islam softwares 25887 345 6880
Holy Qur'an book from Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala to all people, presented by AgnateMoslem.net in Islam software which is available in 43 Holy Qur'an translations including original Arabic text and features: search engine, search open/save, MP3 player with plug in of 114 MP3 sound files of the Holy Qur'an recitations, praying times and animation, reading like a book or list view with 3D animation, loading and displaying up to four Holy Qur'an translations at ones, 99 Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala names and meanings, creating 114 Holy Qur'an HTML files, and more.
3 Free Guest Book For The Islamic Sites 83270 224 1418
A Free Guest Book services for the Muslims webmaster . Comes with the ability to customize the header and footers.
4 Arabic to English Dictionary 27149 214 4267
This is a small but growing dictionary of Arabic words and their meanings in English, you may search for a word, add a word or list words by the first letter.. The words are Islamic mostly, and you can add more words to the list.
5 Advertise on 2muslims.com/ Feature your site 8385 188 1938
A Paid Advertising will get you noticed through 2Muslims.com over 3500000 hits a month.. A very affordable and easy way to reach Muslims and non Muslims online.
6 Islamic Banner Exchange 5846 154 1133
Is Designed to connect and link the Islamic sites, our banner Exchange program is based on rate 1/1. And any new user will get up to 1000 free exposures.
7 Tawheed And Sunnat Islamic Audio Bayan Taqreer Website 8059 142 464
A website with lots of english artilces and a very large collection of urdu bayans by leading ulema on many topics.
8 Islamic Christian Date Converter 166185 138 2035
A tool to help you convert Islamic dates to their corresponding Christian dates.
9 Submit Your Website to the search engines 9971 135 919
A PAID service where we will - for $5 - submit your site to over 160000 search engine, directory, FFI and links databases including Yahoo TM, AOL TM, Google TM, AltaVista TM and many more.
10 welcome to www.islamhouse.com 5394 135 936
A complete site for learning about Islam, books, tapes , articles and live broadcasting lessons in several languages :Arabic, English, French, Turkish, Indonesian, Russian and Chinese.
11 Zakat Calculator 10638 133 2495
A tool to help you calculate Zakat.
12 Free Islamic Toolbar For Internet Explorer 10734 131 3390
A free internet explorer toolbar that will enable you to search, browse, and interact with the Islamic web sites with ease, it will also provide you with tools like the Direct Islamic search options right from your browser, Pop-up blocker, Easy site submission to the Muslims directory as you browse, Quick Links to the main services and tools, your favorites stored on our site, CAIR news server, and much more..
13 Islam FAQ 8426 98 1055
No Description available.
14 Islam for all mankind 12488 92 2071
Islam Pure and Clear, that is according to the Quran and the Authentic Sunnah The Way of the Salaf
16 Terms Of Service & Privacy Policy 8291 85 1219
Read our privacy policy and terms of service here.
17 Darelfikr Book store 2724 82 208
My Islaamic Home Page dedicated to my Islaamic Mailing List of over 3800 Muslims all over the world.
18 Best Islamic Site Award 3268 81 958
An award designed to reward the best Islamic sites each month.
19 Random Quran Verse And Random Hadith displayer 25280 80 755
An Islami CGI script that will pull a different Hadith and a different Quranic verse every time that pages loads.
20 MalaysianGifts.com 98 80 3390
We are Distributors and Wholesalers of fine Islamic Gifts from Malaysia. Looking for that special gift to give someone? But just can’t seem to find it? Or are you looking for something exotic to decorate in your house?
21 100 Questions About Al-Quran 16575 78 212
No Description available.
22 Google Islamic gadget:: Hadith Search engine 2578 76 566
Add Hadith search engine box to your Google home page. The engine uses the Islamic Directory database and will return results from within Muslim, Bukhari and Mwata Malek all in one.
23 Quran Audio Downloads 3128 75 1362
To download the holy book to your computer and listen to it at your free time.
24 2muslims.com :: Muslims Internet Directory and Search engine 1733 73 15286
Islamic categorized search engine and directory. Over 25000 links, 1000 books and articles, with full range of features, tools and services for both users and webmasters, muslims and non muslims alike.
25 Syed Abu-Ala' Maududi's Chapter Introductions to the Quran 1852 72 529
Maududi's translation and commentary on the Quran, "The Meaning of the Quran", ranks as one of the best such works in existence today. Unlike many early translators, Maududi uses the standard technique of providing an explanation of the Quranic verses from the Sunnah of the Prophet (sas), including the historical reasons behind the verses. Below is a list of Maududi's introductions to each chapter in the Quran. Unfortunately, this represents a very small portion of the six volumes which comprise the complete commentary.
26 Partner with 2Muslims.com 1760 66 694
A Free Chance for the any Islamic web site to partner/Exchange links with us and enjoy a stream of rewards..
27 Hadith Search Plug in for Firefox/Mozilla users 844 66 533
This plug in will add our hadith search engine bar to your firefox browser.
28 Islamic Holidays List, 2008 - 2014 (A.H. 1429 - 1435) 2417 64 859
A list of the approximate date for the Islamic holydays.
29 Islamic Sex Education 97750 62 122
The following collection of articles about sex, that cover a wide variety of subjects and topics, You might become embarrassed or uncomfortable, so if you are sensitive do not read this.
30 Muslims Prayer and Calendar calculation software 1605 62 47726
This islamic software download will let you calculate the prayer time, view the Islamic Calendar, , learn how to pray and more, for any area in the world.
31 Islam Is: Introduction to Understanding Islam 878 62 189
No Description available.
32 Link To 2Muslims.com 5005 61 1433
A collection of banners and text options to link to the Muslims internet directory on your own site.
33 Google Islamic gadget:: Islamic Search engine 1183 61 446
Add an Islamic search engine box to your Google home page to search The Islamic Directory, 2muslims.com and The Islamic Books Library.
34 Muslims Webring service 2105 60 556
This web ring will help the islamic sites connect with each another as a webring.
35 Firefox/Mozilla Multi Language Quran Search Plug in 1228 59 612
This plug in will add our Multi Language Quran search engine bar to your firefox browser.
36 Sunnat Nikah Islamic Matrimonial Services for Muslims 2958 57 1986
Sunnat Nikah Islamic Matrimonial Services for Muslim Brothers and Sisters living worldwide.
37 About The project and the institute 2813 57 1347
About this muslims internet directory and Islamic Education & Services Institute.
38 Islamic date display script for IE only 2680 57 311
This script (HTML code) will help you place an islamic date on your site.
39 Tamil Quran in MP3 1085 57 4544
Listen and Download Tamil Quan in MP3 audio format.
40 Qur'an translation to English In PDF Format 1211 56 13607
You can download a complete English translation of the Qur'an from the three sites. This version of the Quran translation is in pdf file format (About 1.2MB- Download may take several minutes ).
41 Islamic Knowledge Tests & Quizzes 870 56 2409
A full line of test and quizzes in different categories that will examine your Knowledge about Islam in general, Quran, Hadith, pillars and much more, and score you instantly.
42 Google Islamic gadget:: Quran multi language Search engine 1195 52 544
Add Quran Search in Multi languages box to your Google home page. The engine uses the Islamic Directory database and will return results from any of over 15 languages you may select.
43 Quran Random Displayer CGI Script 1759 51 410
A FREE Islamic CGI script that will allow you to run your own random Quran Verse displayer script.
44 Sample Bylaws for an Islamic School (courtesy of Noor-Ul-Iman School, New Jersey) 359 51 1098
No Description available.
45 Islamic Search engine and Directory CGI Script 2092 50 939
A CGI for the Islamic sites that will enable you to run your own search engine using 2muslims.com largest islamic directory database through XML. The results will be customizable in everway and it is totally FREE.
46 Understanding Islam 361 50 6470
Explanation of Islam in the light only of the Qur'an and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).
47 Hajj Booklet 221 50 526
No Description available.
48 40 Hadith Qudsi 2822 49 1363
The full collection in an easy to view format.
49 Alharamain.org Free Qur'an/Books 1650 49 1042
International offer. Free Qur'an & Islamic Books. Click for the language of your choice. On the next page click "Free Books" on the left side of the page. On the order page scroll down and enter your mailing information. Check mark which package you want (Muslims or Non-Muslims) Note: This site is currently back logged with requests, so be patient. They will fill your order when they have the books for the package you requested
50 The Status of Women in Islam 210 49 83
No Description available.
51 For People Who Think 303 48 173
An introduction for someone entirely new to Islam
52 Coloring Pages For Kids 717 46 8832
A collection of pictures to color for kids any age, from Hijab to mosques and more.
53 An Index to the Quran by the words in english 3788 45 430
An Index to the Qur'an
54 Sultan.org 1947 45 432
Has links to many sites that give away Qur'ans, Islamic books and other Islamic items, both through the mail and by download.
55 Islamic Clothing by Sajeda: Muslim Women clothing store, hijab, Jilbab, abaya, thoub and more. 128 45 1503
Islamic women clothing by Sajeda. We are specialized in the latest fashions of modest Islamic clothing
56 IntoGlobe.com - City Information Guide 96 45 103
Intoglobe.com - Know more about the world and a guide for city information, a place to find different services.
57 Dr Mansoor Bokhary's Web Page 5864 44 1618
58 Memorizing the Qur'an 2415 44 381
From Abdur-Rahman Abdul Khaaliq's "Al-Qawaaid adh-Dhahabiyyah lil-Hifdh il-Quran il-Adheem"
59 Suble Alrashideen Online Islamic Bookstore 506 44 49
Suble Al-Rashideen (www.suble-alrashideen.com) would like to take this opportunity to introduce itself as an on-line Islamic Bookstore based in: Al-Madinah Al-Monawarah, Saudi Arabia. Our objective is to provide Islamic knowledge seekers around the Globe an easy and efficient way in finding the most authentic and important Islamic book . Our services include: 1. Simple On-line Ordering process. 2. Extensive list of the best Islamic Book titles from leaders in Islamic publishing houses (ex. Ibn Al-jawzi, Al Risalah, Al-Somaie, Ibn Hazm Beriut,..etc.). 3. Many new book titles coming from renowned scholars from Islamic university in Madinah. 4. Over Eighteen book categories covering: Quran Science, Hadith, Aqeedah,..etc. 5. Competitive rates with special discounts for bulk orders. 6. Flexible shipping methods (Express, Cargo, Post). 7. Arabic, English and Urdu Islamic books. 8. All books are available with us in-stock and normally ships within 1-2 working days. Please don't hesitate to contact us for your needs in supplying Islamic books to you. Looking forward to your feedback very soon. Rafeeq Ahmed Suble-Alrashideen Online Islamic Bookstore Telephone: +966 4 842 5364 Fax: +966 4 842 5364 Mobile: +966 500239507 Website: www.suble-alrashideen.com email: rafeeq@suble-alrashideen.com P.O.Box. 5487, Madina Munawara - 41422 Madina Munawara Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
60 Federation of Islamic Associations 139 44 488
Umbrella organization for the United States and Canada provides news, articles and editorials relating to Islamic affairs.
61 Hadith Random Displayer CGI Script 1612 43 365
A FREE Islamic CGI script that will allow you to run your own random Hadith displayer script.
62 Muslims Online - The Muslim Community Online 423 43 843
Muslim portal. Email, chat, list servers for use for Islamic purposes.
63 A Brief Chronology of Muslim History: 264 43 110
A Brief Chronology of Muslim History:
64 2Muslims Islamic Gallery and Postcards Collection 1854 42 854
Over 1000 islamic images, greetings, and postcards in this collection of Islamic gallery.
65 Light Upon Light - Free Islamic Video Lectures - Downloads 3650 41 1078
Watch and listen to video and audio lectures by scholars such as Shabir Ally, Munir El Kassem, Harun Yahya on the Qur'an, Sunnah, and Islam, and how to live your life as a Muslim
66 Islaam.com 964 41 787
This is a nice site about Al Islam. Lots of useful resources for Muslims and non-Muslims. Islaam.com.
67 The Islamic Finder 1321 40 936
Find any masjeed in the usa by city or zip code.
68 Islamic Pictures.com 621 40 2905
IslamicPictures.com is your source for beautiful unique Islamic artwork. We have a great selection of Islamic Art on Papyrus and Velvet. We also do custom art for any surah and any size picture you require.
69 The Adventures of Jamila and Bilal 379 40 139
No Description available.
70 Ramadan Website 74 40 96
No Description available.
71 An Introduction To The Science of Hadith 2028 39 646
The Muslims are agreed that the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) is the second of the two revealed fundamental sources of Islam, after the Glorious Qur'an.
72 Discover Islam: Toward understanding Islam 671 39 7099
Islam is probably the most misunderstood religion in the world and the main reason is the lack of accredited information about Islam. This page is designed to help you better understand Islam & The Muslims. We hope that this site will help the American Community establish a better relationship with the Muslims, based on true understanding and appreciation for what the Muslims are offering and giving the American Community, through this site read about islam and muslims, understand islam, islamic free brochures and books, FAQ and more.
73 Voice of Ummah 357 39 464
Providing up to date news, comments and analysis from an Islamic Perspective
74 Israel Orthopaedic Association 65 39 47
Specialist site covering various aspects of orthopaedics and orthopaedic surgery. Regular news - also available in Hebrew.
75 Muslims Internet Directory Search Plug in for Firefox/Mozilla users 611 38 457
This plug in will add our islamic search engine bar to your firefox browser.
76 Islamic Cross-stitch - A Bravenet.com Hosted Site 553 38 740
This site contains cross-stitch patterns based on Arabic calligraphy, mainly Islamic phrases. There are also free patterns.
77 Advance BreakOut game with many levels and features 289 37 59
A very nice and fun game for the muslim child and adult, Use your mouse to move the paddle. This is actually very fun. Use with care, as you may find yourself unable to quit playing.
78 IslamicApps.Com 590 36 836
Provider of Freeware Islamic Software and Interactive Quran Translations to add into personal MySpace, Hi5, MuslimSpace and other pages.
79 ICNA: Discussion Forums 154 36 352
This area of ICNA website is dedicated to you. You are responsible for creating the useful content for Internet surfers. This is where you can share your ideas, questions, comments and concerns.
80 Free Islamic Hadith search engine CGI Script 1824 35 594
Full Hadith collection of all four books translation in English search engine and listing CGI script for the Islamic sites to use.
81 Free Islamic Quran search engine CGI Script 1713 35 633
Quran translation of the meanning in English search engine and listing CGI script for the Islamic sites to use.
82 Beautiful Islam: Sahaba IslamiQuiz 498 35 651
Different quizzes that will test your knowledge of the noble Companions of our Prophet (saw).
83 Introducing Islam 441 35 156
No Description available.
84 Islamcan.com 283 35 2944
Islamic news,greeting cards,pre written stories to email,stories to increase your iman,directory,low cost webdesign
85 AHYA Call and Guidance Center 166 35 820
Online Islamic courses, books, and audios in English and Urdu. Dawah activities.
86 Niqabi4Allah's Islamic Resource Page 141 35 412
Islamic information and links for Muslims and Nonmuslims.
87 Contact Us 492 34 981
Contact us by email or mail through this page.
88 ArabAcademy.com 544 33 204
Free Islamic e-cards. Too many categories to list! You'll find what you're looking for, that's for sure! English and Arabic.
89 Living together 237 33 233
No Description available.
90 MuslimServices.com 107 33 180
Get a Muslim Services ID and password for access to a free e-mail account & other services.
91 Guestbook Plug in for Glinks 1034 32 26
This plug in will allow you to offer each linkowner a guestbook for his/her visitors.
92 Step-by-Step Guide: Creating an Islamic School (Kathy Ahmed) 233 32 1249
No Description available.
93 Fatwa and the Price of Freedom of Expression 169 32 173
Salmon Rushdie's publisher William Nygaard discusses issues relating to freedom of expression between the West and the Middle East.
94 Rockets action game for the Muslims Kid 108 32 46
The premise is simple, intercept the rockets before they hit your ship. Quite easy, but strangely addictive!
95 A-Z of Islam 2847 31 275
No Description available.
96 Saaid.net One of the largest islamic libraries online, mainly in arabic. 1442 31 970
No Description available.
97 Non Muslims in the Muslims history 403 31 155
No Description available.
98 Free Qur'an Download 152 31 5064
Download Qur'an-e-Hakim for free. Listen to recitation of the Qur'an!
99 Islamic Cultural center 147 31 68
No Description available.
100 e Process of Choosing the Leader (Caliph) of the Muslims: The Muslim Khilafa 9723 30 186
The following article is a paraphrased transcript of a series of four lectures delivered by Gharm Allah Al-Ghamdy to the Muslim Student Association at the University of Southern California. These lectures were given between November 1991 and January 1992, and took place in the MSA House located at 1144 West 37th Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90007. The subject of Al-Ghamdy's lectures was an examination of the processes involved in choosing and removing the Muslim Khalifa. The last Khalifa of the Muslims was removed in 1924 (though some say the position was strictly a powerless, figurehead office for at least 500 years before that).

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