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Top Islamic Site on 2muslims.com sorted by the number of hits OUT they recieved from 2muslims.com.
Rank Title EXP (Actual visits they got based on counter placed on their site) IN (hits from site to 2muslims) OUT (hits from 2muslims to site)
1 Muslims Prayer and Calendar calculation software 1620 64 47726
This islamic software download will let you calculate the prayer time, view the Islamic Calendar, , learn how to pray and more, for any area in the world.
2 How To Pray 381 17 26497
A simple illustrated guide on how to pray
3 This Is Islam 425 28 23581
A very nice presentation about islam in English, video and audio in a SWF format.
4 Beautiful Islamic Wallpaper for Your Desktop! 287 11 19767
Beautiful scenery and pictures of outer space with Qur'anic ayats to match! 35 to choose from!
5 2muslims.com :: Muslims Internet Directory and Search engine 1747 74 15286
Islamic categorized search engine and directory. Over 25000 links, 1000 books and articles, with full range of features, tools and services for both users and webmasters, muslims and non muslims alike.
6 Anasheed.com Islamic Songs on the Internet 236 10 14208
No Description available.
7 Qur'an translation to English In PDF Format 1236 57 13607
You can download a complete English translation of the Qur'an from the three sites. This version of the Quran translation is in pdf file format (About 1.2MB- Download may take several minutes ).
8 Islamic Wallpapers 64 9 12175
Get rid of that boring desktop and snazz up your computer's image with an Islamic wallpaper.
9 TalkAboutIslam.com 161 6 11645
TalkAboutIslam.com is the dawn of webportals. The FIRST english muslim (islamic) discussion forum in the World; Find the friendly atomsphere, family like chats, and warm welcoming environment and Talk about ANYTHING you wish. Everyone is welcome and lifetime registration is FREE, no gimicks, no traps.
10 11 Islamic Wallpapers 190 8 11428
Download your choice of 11 beautiful wallpapers.
11 Coloring Pages For Kids 724 49 8832
A collection of pictures to color for kids any age, from Hijab to mosques and more.
12 Must see pictures of miracles of Islam !!!! 125 3 8631
Must see pictures of miracles of Islam !!!!
13 Free Islamic Wall Paper 152 8 7707
28 designs of free Islamic wall paper to choose from.
14 muslim names website 376 7 7477
We have the biggest list of muslim boy and girl names listed on our site. The names are all arabic. The muslim baby names have been listed after a lot of research so they are guarnteed to have their right meaning. The Prophet always chose names with good meaning for children even asking people to change their name if it had a bad meaning. My aim is to help you choose the correct name for your child. If you know a name which is not listed please go to the menu and click on ADD A NAME, therefore we can continue to build what is already the largest online database of islamic child names. Enjoy your time on my site.
15 Discover Islam: Toward understanding Islam 700 40 7099
Islam is probably the most misunderstood religion in the world and the main reason is the lack of accredited information about Islam. This page is designed to help you better understand Islam & The Muslims. We hope that this site will help the American Community establish a better relationship with the Muslims, based on true understanding and appreciation for what the Muslims are offering and giving the American Community, through this site read about islam and muslims, understand islam, islamic free brochures and books, FAQ and more.
16 AgnateMoslem.net - Free Islam softwares 25896 345 6880
Holy Qur'an book from Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala to all people, presented by AgnateMoslem.net in Islam software which is available in 43 Holy Qur'an translations including original Arabic text and features: search engine, search open/save, MP3 player with plug in of 114 MP3 sound files of the Holy Qur'an recitations, praying times and animation, reading like a book or list view with 3D animation, loading and displaying up to four Holy Qur'an translations at ones, 99 Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala names and meanings, creating 114 Holy Qur'an HTML files, and more.
17 Al-hajj Islamic Screen Saver 336 8 6698
Features Tawaf In Mecca around the kabaa.
18 Understanding Islam 367 50 6470
Explanation of Islam in the light only of the Qur'an and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).
19 Names Of Allah Screen Saver 97 4 6294
Beautiful screen saver of the 99 Names of Allah. Free download.
20 Qur'an in Arabic In PDF 899 26 6263
The full Arabic quran in PDF file.
21 Music In Islam 85 6 6018
No Description available.
22 99 Names Of Allah (2) Flash 367 21 5933
No Description available.
23 The holy Quran 177 11 5886
No Description available.
24 Donate to Us/Help us Now 274 9 5516
These are several ways you can help The Islamic Education & Services Institute through.
25 Beautitul Islam 111 2 5289
Rose Nebula and nature wallpapers to download for free.
26 Religious Audio 187 4 5285
This section is devoted to religious audio for the listening pleasure of all Muslims. We have provided Naats praising our Holy Prophet (PBUH), a few Surahs from the Holy Quran (along with their English translations), and the Azan.
27 The 40 (forty) Hadith qudsi 139 14 5235
No Description available.
28 Islamic Chat 168 17 5172
No Description available.
29 Islamic Backgrounds 81 2 5095
Nice Islamic backgrounds to download for free!
30 Free Qur'an Download 153 32 5064
Download Qur'an-e-Hakim for free. Listen to recitation of the Qur'an!
31 Understanding Islam - Urdu 186 14 5049
Explanation of Islam in the Light only of the Qur'an and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh).
32 Study Arabic, Online Arabic Lessons & Islamic Education, Learn Islam! Arabic Language Courses, Learn 139 6 4913
Learning the Arabic language has never been more accessible! The 'Online Arabic-Intensive' program uses state-of-the-art webcasting to bring you the wisdom of highly-qualified, traditional scholars in the West. [Courses in Islamic-Studies]
33 Islamic Desktop Themes 419 10 4893
Complete the look of an Islamic desktop with matching screensavers, wallpapers, icons and cursors.
34 Islamic Background Theme Page 93 8 4660
This is a Islamic background theme page,the design is based on a mosque.
35 30 Days Islamic Flash 247 13 4646
Do you want to finish reading the Holy Quran in 30 days?
36 Aazra Clothing, Fashionable Clothing for Modest Muslimah 318 2 4635
Your best source for fashionable Islamic wear. Beautiful hijabs, jelbab, abaya, skirts, dresses and tops. All custom tailored with modesty in mind! Aazra clothing is your answer to casual wear and business wear that is Islamically acceptable. Long skirts with no slits, long tops, hijab accessories, and so much more. Shop online today! Come find out why we are growing as North America's #1 online Islamic retailer!
37 Tamil Quran in MP3 1098 59 4544
Listen and Download Tamil Quan in MP3 audio format.
38 Muslims Directory Islamic Icons Collection 1 326 12 4289
A very nice collection of islamic icons for the muslim desktop.
39 Free Qur'an 129 10 4272
Download The Qur'an Translated by Shakir
40 Arabic to English Dictionary 28000 233 4267
This is a small but growing dictionary of Arabic words and their meanings in English, you may search for a word, add a word or list words by the first letter.. The words are Islamic mostly, and you can add more words to the list.
41 Amazing Pictures to glorify God. 272 14 4254
Some amazing pictures with their Quranic verse, that will make your belief stronger.
42 The Islamic Garden 74 2 4233
Come and explore the many facets of Islam and be enriched by the Bounty of Allah. Life is made up of worship, repentance and building a family and a healthy society.
43 Arabic Lessons 99 4 4113
Free download of Arabic lessons.
44 Arabic/English Translator 114 6 4084
This is Sakhr's free version of Tarjim Tool. A simple tool that you can use to get instant translation from English to Arabic and vice versa using a simple shortcut. You don't need to copy and paste, just select the text you want to translate from any application on your desktop.
45 Mountain Of Light 88 13 3984
Welcome to Mountain of Light
46 3 Styles Of Desktop Themes 169 10 3921
Customize your desktop with one of these Desktop Themes. They provide a way of customising the way your computer looks and sounds.
47 Hajj Talbiyah Audio File 1189 3 3911
This is the audio file of the Hajj talbiyah or calling to allah in arabic.
48 AlSundus.com 71 4 3906
We carry Jilbabs, Hijabs, Scarves, Abayas, Niqabs, Mens and Womens Islamic Clothing at GREAT prices
49 Muttaqun OnLine: Islamic Hall Chatrooms 194 9 3737
No Description available.
50 Miracles Of The Quran Flash 1220 27 3725
An Extra nice designed Miracles of the quran flash show.
51 IslamiCity Chat Corner 154 13 3706
Islamic portal site hosts a range of chat rooms and discussion boards on a host of topics. Free registration required.
52 A nice collection of du'as in Arabic and English 316 6 3652
A collection of various different dua' that can be recited; for health, studies, daily, forgiveness, faith, miscellaneous and others! Includes the Arabic, the transliteration and translation.
53 Muslims Directory Islamic Cursors 463 7 3599
A collection of 7 islamic cursors for muslims to downloads.
54 Let's Practice the Arabic Alphabet 153 6 3598
A chart of the Arabic alphabet. You may click on each letter in order to hear how it is pronounced.
55 Qur'an 193 16 3574
Download a free Qur'an.
56 Brings up the 25 Quran Duas on your PC 107 5 3531
No Description available.
57 Learn Arabic For Free 105 0 3511
A computer program intended to teach Arabic language to students: they can easily learn its writing system and the pronunciation, renowned to be very difficult.
58 AL-Quran Sound files 130 9 3478
No Description available.
59 Holy Quran Recitation Online Software for Free Quranic Download 129 3 3429
This is the Most Powerful Holy Quran Recitation Toolkit I have Ever Seen Online for Free Quraan Download in Arabic mp3 with Lots of Features...
60 Muslims Top Sites Service 211 13 3426
A Free service to all Muslims webmasters to rate their sites and to get the Islamic site to compete and get exposed. The Only Islamic Top Site Service that will track your site Hits IN, Out and actual visit. at the same time which will ensure a very accurate and comprehensive competition. We are the only Islamic top sites service that can work as a Counter as well.
61 Free Islamic Toolbar For Internet Explorer 10912 133 3390
A free internet explorer toolbar that will enable you to search, browse, and interact with the Islamic web sites with ease, it will also provide you with tools like the Direct Islamic search options right from your browser, Pop-up blocker, Easy site submission to the Muslims directory as you browse, Quick Links to the main services and tools, your favorites stored on our site, CAIR news server, and much more..
62 MalaysianGifts.com 101 83 3390
We are Distributors and Wholesalers of fine Islamic Gifts from Malaysia. Looking for that special gift to give someone? But just can’t seem to find it? Or are you looking for something exotic to decorate in your house?
63 Al Hediya - Kuwait 137 7 3378
- Islamic clothing for women, men and children. Great prices, superb quality, updated regularly
64 99 Names of Allah (1) Flash 89 3 3369
No Description available.
65 As-Sadiq Islamic School 79 2 3356
Thornhill, Ontario, Islamic school presents a range of academic and extracurricular information for current and prospective students and parents.
66 The collection of the Hadith in Sahih Bukhari 49 5 3319
No Description available.
67 ArabChat 144 7 3246
The First Arabic Chat on the Net
68 Arabic Calligraphy Images 97 3 3106
Download free Islamic calligraphy!
69 Mecca gallery Collecion from 2muslims.com 78 6 3099
Categorized pictures of mecca, haram, and the hajj.
70 ImpianaSoft myName® - Software for Exploring Muslim Baby Names 111 21 3082
The Easiest and Most Powerful Software for Exploring Muslim Baby Names -- Library and search engine for exploring and creating muslim names and any related information. Get FREE download and latest update from the website.
71 Islamic Traditions 83 15 3079
Shop from this retailer and find traditional Islamic women's clothing, as well as appropriate professional, bridal, maternity and casual wear.
72 Family life in Islam Islamic Flash 247 17 3029
No Description available.
73 Arabic Sounds & Pictures for children 167 2 2971
Learn Arabic the easy way and very Quickly.
74 Al Fatiha Islamic Screen Saver 413 14 2968
This screen saver explains the first surah Al-Fatiha of the Holy Quran. It contains the arabic image, english translations and audio sound.
75 Ablution Islamic Flash 302 11 2952
Learn how to make QUDU.
76 Islamcan.com 286 37 2944
Islamic news,greeting cards,pre written stories to email,stories to increase your iman,directory,low cost webdesign
77 Islamic Pictures.com 627 40 2905
IslamicPictures.com is your source for beautiful unique Islamic artwork. We have a great selection of Islamic Art on Papyrus and Velvet. We also do custom art for any surah and any size picture you require.
78 A Brief Illustrated Guide To Understanding Islam 220 10 2897
This colorful book is for non-Muslims who would like to understand Islam, Muslims, and other facets of Islam.
79 Riyaad Us-Saliheen 196 5 2836
No Description available.
80 Wallpapers By Road To Heaven 143 12 2835
Islamic Screen savers.
81 Islamic Sufi Background 55 2 2815
This is a Islamic background theme page, the design is based on images of Islam...the sunrise over Islam, a whirling dervish and a sacred tile with Allah's name.
82 Animated Islamic Cliip Art 92 1 2813
Beautiful animated Islamic clip art and calligraphy.
83 Know The Prophet campaign 418 30 2809
This site and all its services are dedicated to the love of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and to provide educational information about his life, sayings (hadith), actions and more.
84 Islamic Resources Page and Prayer Schedule Generator 202 6 2802
Looking for Prayer Schedule for any place in the world, then use this. Need Hijra/Gregorian Calender or Date Conversion, then use this site. Need Islamic Links, then that's the place.
85 Arabic Language Software 229 15 2792
Arabic and ESL language learning products
86 Free Holy Quran Ebook! 173 4 2784
Quranic Interpetations for Today's American and English Speaking Muslims. FAQ's with contemperary references to The Holy Quran. What does God Really say about:Creation, Science, Race, Women, Polygamy and Guidance? Find out at our website. N.A. Muslim Development Association dedicated to educating Today's Muslims about The Holy Quran.
87 Almuhajabat.com 171 9 2716
Hijabs, jilbabs, abayas, work wear for women, niqaab, wedding wear. Men's clothing. Hijab pins, books, arm guards.
89 Discover Islam and Muslims 297 16 2669
Learn about Islam and Muslims through this amazing alise show.
90 Listen Quran 63 1 2648
This area of our website was created in an effort to make listening to the recitation of Quran more easily available. This has been made possible using Real Audio. Real Audio is an application that uses a method of compression and streaming of audio files that makes it possible to listen to them without having to wait for them to download.
91 Islam Vs Christianity page by page flash 234 13 2628
No Description available.
92 Fundamentals of Islam 146 6 2622
The basic tenants of Islam are few but each part forms a whole way of life, a way of thinking, and a way of dealing with life's problems. If correctly understood, the creed of Islam guides us through the ups and downs, steering us to success in this life and the next.
93 Understand Islam Islamic Flash 143 11 2608
No Description available.
94 Islamic Stories 1 434 23 2591
Islamic stories in audio format in english.
95 QuranReciter 113 9 2590
Features of QuranReciter- Free Quran Software with complete Quran Audio, Arabic text, Word by Word meaning, 3 different translations and memorisation options.
96 Becoming a Muslim 145 12 2589
Accepting Islam as a way of life is not only the declaration of faith but it includes changing one's thinking, behavior and friends. Turning the old habits into new habits. Meeting new people and trying to understand where one fits in. All the events and experiences that a person faces before, during and after becoming a Muslim, come together to mould them into the person they are. The following are real life accounts of people's past and present circumstances that led to their final acceptance of Islam.
97 Arabic Minipad 177 6 2579
A program to help you type arabic on non-arabic computers.
98 All baout Islam, An online show 326 18 2575
All about Islam and Muslims in an online presentation.
99 Tafsir - Qur'anic Commentary 43 5 2559
Commentary on selected chapters of the Qur'an, compiled from the work of five major scholarly sources, including Ibn Kathir and al-Jalalayn
100 SHUKR Islamic Clothing 199 12 2544
SHUKR is an exciting new company which designs its own brand of Islamic clothing for Muslims living in the West. SHUKR is growing fast, making quite an impact in the Islamic clothing market. Our eagerly anticipated website - www.shukronline.com - has just been launched and sets new standards for the selling of Islamic clothing over the internet.

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