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Rank Title EXP (Actual visits they got based on counter placed on their site) IN (hits from site to 2muslims) OUT (hits from 2muslims to site)
101 Islamhelpline Questions and Answers 1111 10 451
Mu' meneen Brothers and Sisters, As Salaam Aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh. (May Allah's Peace, Mercy and Blessings be upon all of you) Jazak Allah Kheir (May Allah reward you appropriately) for asking us a question on this forum. All the questions received on this forum are put in a queue, and we shall endeavour to answer your question as soon as possible. We do appreciate your patience and your understanding. We assure you, and Allah is our witness, that our answers will be based on the guidance from only two sources of knowledge. 1. The Glorious Quran. 2. The authentic traditions of the Messenger of Allah, Mohamed ar-Rasool Allah (saws). We welcome any type of questions on this forum, be it theological, be it practical, or personal. Islam is a religion and deen based on logic, and Alhamdolillah, Islam has an answer for everything. Allah sent us the manual for our guidance in the form of the Holy Quran, but unfortunately, most of us have never read or understood the Holy Quran.
102 Google Islamic gadget:: Quran multi language Search engine 1110 48 544
Add Quran Search in Multi languages box to your Google home page. The engine uses the Islamic Directory database and will return results from any of over 15 languages you may select.
103 Firefox/Mozilla Multi Language Quran Search Plug in 1106 52 612
This plug in will add our Multi Language Quran search engine bar to your firefox browser.
No Description available.
105 Hajj Talbiyah Audio File 1105 3 3911
This is the audio file of the Hajj talbiyah or calling to allah in arabic.
islamic books, islamic publishers, islamic publications, islamic printers
107 Moon Sighting & Astronomical Calculation Insights from Qur'an & Hadith 1097 3 21
No Description available.
108 Qur'an translation to English In PDF Format 1091 52 13607
You can download a complete English translation of the Qur'an from the three sites. This version of the Quran translation is in pdf file format (About 1.2MB- Download may take several minutes ).
109 Prophet wifes & Daughters Names 1087 4 74
No Description available.
110 Neighbors in Islam 1074 4 67
No Description available.
111 Google Islamic gadget:: Islamic Search engine 1070 52 446
Add an Islamic search engine box to your Google home page to search The Islamic Directory, 2muslims.com and The Islamic Books Library.
112 Islamic-Banner.com : Premier Islamic Banners Exchange - An effort to bring Muslim sites together! 1069 21 300
Islamic-Banner.com is the free Islamic Banners Exchange program for Islam and Muslim related websites. Supports Arabic, English, French, Urdu, Tamil, Malay sites, but for Islam and Muslim related.
113 Moon Calculator 6.0 1061 2 299
Moon Calculator (MoonCalc) is a DOS program which provides information relating to the position, age, phase, orientation, appearance and visibility of the moon for any given date, time and location on earth. It also provides the Julian Day Number, Magnetic Declination, time and direction of moonrise and moonset, interval between sunset and moonset, interval between sunrise and moonrise, date/time of astronomical new moon (conjunction), full moon, apogee and perigee and predicts the likelihood of visualising the young moon from a particular location. Data pertaining to solar and lunar eclipses in any year are also shown. MoonCalc provides Hijri calendar data including location dependent Hijri date conversion using predicted crescent visibility. Automatic local and regional (tri-zonal) Hijri calendar tabulation is possible.
No Description available.
115 The Muslim Marriage Guide 1058 5 49
An excellent book about marriage and narriage relationships.
116 Why did they become Muslims? 1054 0 144
The Islamic religion is the final religion and is therefore at the zenith of perfection. This fact is acknowledged even by (George) Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) [Shaw's clever plays, e.g. Pymalion, are based on faults in moral attitudes and in society.], the well-known Irish writer and critic, whose personal comments on Islam can be summarized as, "Were we to choose a common religion for the entire world, it would definitely be the Islamic religion
117 Towards The Light 1050 12 57
No Description available.
118 Al-Shamsi.net 1032 8 432
Nice site that has free Islamic e-cards.
119 Wapzon.com 1031 19 199
Includes information on WAP, GPRS, CDMA, 3G, UMTS, Bluetooth and wireless devices.
120 Tamil Quran in MP3 1021 36 4544
Listen and Download Tamil Quan in MP3 audio format.
121 Fiqh al Sunnah online 1015 6 1445
Sabiq's most famous book was the three-volume Fiqh As-Sunnah, which in the first writing of its kind brought the four major madhahib together, in a comprehensive treatment of Fiqh matters. The book has since been translated into dozens of languages and is used by Muslims throughout the world. Sabiq wrote Fiqh As-Sunnah in the 1940s when he was only 30 years old. He wrote the book at the request of Ustadh Hassan al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. Every Fiqh ruling in the book goes back to the Qur'an and Sunnah and Sabiq dealt with all four madhahib objectively, with no preferential treatment to any. Sabiq also wrote the book, "Islamic Theology," along the same lines: simplification and avoidance of overphilosophization or getting involved in disputes on arcane topics. Besides his academic work, Sabiq was a noted Islamic activist. After writing Fiqh As-Sunnah, Sabiq spent some time fighting along with the Mujahideen in Palestine in the late 1940's and he later visited most countries in the world and lectured in their mosques. He was the first graduate of Azhar to visit the Soviet Union and check on the conditions of Muslims there. Sabiq was born in 1915 in the Egyptian village, Istanha. He received his education at Al-Azhar and after his graduation worked as the Director of Mosques and Islamic Education in the Egyptian Islamic Affairs Ministry. He also taught at Al-Azhar, and later moved to Saudi Arabia, where he headed the Shari'a Graduate Studies Department in Um Al-Qura University. After moving back to Egypt, he spent years teaching students in a Mosque in Cairo
122 Is The Bible God's Word? 991 3 72
Is the Bible God's Word? - By Ahmed Deedat. According to Biblical scholars and the text of the Bible itself, there is overwhelming evidence that the Bible is not the word of God
123 Camfrog free video chat rooms & webcam community! 983 8 603
Free live webcam video chat room software for Windows XP.
124 Toward a sound awakening 982 2 30
No Description available.
125 Islamic Awakening between Rejection and Extremism 969 0 26
No Description available.
126 Guestbook Plug in for Glinks 965 26 26
This plug in will allow you to offer each linkowner a guestbook for his/her visitors.
127 Aswat Al-Islam - Sounds of Islam 964 14 393
Huge Colelction of Islamic Lectures, Quran and Videos
128 Islamic Calendar Dispaly script (remotly hosted) 948 6 353
This script will allow you to place an Islamic calendar on your site and let your users use it FREE, without you having to know CGI or host any scripts.
129 What did they say about Islam 935 9 120
No Description available.
130 The Straight Struggle :: The StraightWay Foundation 935 0 140
Information and advice for Muslims about same-sex attractions, with answers to points raised by homosexual activists, including the "gay Muslims".
131 Islamic And arabic Female names 932 11 656
Muslims, islamic and arabic names for females muslim girls.
132 Faith and Practice of Al-Ghazali 924 1 26
No Description available.
Hadrat Shaykh-ul Islam is a direct descendent of the Holy Prophet S.A.W and Makhdoom Ashraf Jahangir,and janashin of Mohaddis-e-Azam of Kicchocha, Khandan-e-Ashrafia.Downloads,Articles,Video,Books,Speeches,Events,etc
134 A brief introduction to the Creed of Islam 913 8 158
No Description available.
135 islamkalvi.com - Islamic e-Library provider 905 4 182
Tamil Islamic website and Islamic e-Library provider based on Quran & Sunnah
136 Islaam.com 894 30 787
This is a nice site about Al Islam. Lots of useful resources for Muslims and non-Muslims. Islaam.com.
No Description available.
138 UNITY- A crying need of the Ummah 873 1 45
No Description available.
139 Barkati Islamic Website 872 9 301
Barkati foundation online.
140 Qur'an in Arabic In PDF 869 16 6263
The full Arabic quran in PDF file.
141 Add Your Site to the Directory 867 21 1617
Add your site to our islamic search engine and directory, and get hundreds of views.
142 The Purpose of Creation 861 8 167
No Description available.
143 Islam Is: Introduction to Understanding Islam 860 52 189
No Description available.
144 Final Ummah.com Forum Index :: (Powered by Invision Power Board) 859 2 702
Islamic Discussions, beginners guide, Articles, contests, polls, debates, answering Q'ns , Sister corner, Brother corner, Student center, Political front, your free forum, Downloads, Softwares, books, poems, Pakistan, Games & graphics & many more ...
145 Virgin Islands Islamic Society 859 0 147
website of the Virgin Islands Islamic Society
146 Between Yesterday and Today 856 0 53
No Description available.
147 Witness Unto Mankind 849 10 186
No Description available.
148 The Sunnah: A Source of Civilization 847 3 46
No Description available.
149 Fight Against Crime in Islam 833 8 56
No Description available.
150 The Arab's Impact on European Civilization 832 2 35
No Description available.

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