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Advertise on 2muslims.com/ Feature your site

  1. Why advertising (Featuring your site) on 2muslims.com?

  2. Rules & Requirements

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Why advertising on 2muslims.com?

  1. By featuring your site, your link will appear on the top of the category you select and  the search results page if your site is within the search results.

  2. We receive over 1 million hit a month with an average of over 25,000 unique visitors a month.

  3. We are extremely cheaper than any other site with the same traffic.

  4. By  listing and featuring your site you will "in most cases' increase your site's rank on the search engines.

  5. 2muslims.com is used by people across the world, by Muslims and non Muslims.

Rules & Requirements:

  1. Your site must be listed in the directory to be able to use this service.

    • To see if your site is listed search for the URL in the search bar on top.

    • To list your site browse to the appropriate category for your site then click add link on the top menu.

  2. We Use Only Paypal.com as a payment method or you can Mail your check to me.

  3. Your Ad and site should not contain or link in any form to any Islamic offensive sites.

  4. Please note that when several sites are featured in the same directory or within the same search results, the featured sites list will be in an alphabetical order.