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Submit Your Website to the search engines

  1. What is this service?
  2. Rules
  3. Price is $5 per URL.
  4. Submit Your site now.

What is this service

We at the Muslims Internet Directory are Glad to see you at our web site submission tool. here you can submit your site to over 50,000 search engine, directory, Free for all page for as little as $5 per URL.

Rules & Conditions

  1. Make sure your keywords, description and title are complete and accurate.
  2. Your site will be submitted ONE TIME ONLY.
  3. We do not generate a special reports, But what you will receive from the engines and directories.
  4. We encourage you to use a secondary e-mail since your mail box will be loaded with confirmations.
  5. We only accept paypal so you must have an account with them, If you do not please click here to create one.