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Print Free Islamic Quran search engine CGI Script

Free Islamic Quran search engine CGI Script

Information: This scrip after installation will enable your site to have its own Quran search engine, customized to your own colors and look.

Price: FREE for Muslims sites as far as they keep or copyright note on the bottom.

Requirements: UNIX server, CGI supported directory, and basic knowledge about the CGI scripts.

Support: Limited to What is found in the support txt attached to each script and on our online forum.


  1. Unpack the zip file to a local folder using a zip utility.
  2. Upload the CGI file in a ASCII mode to your cgi-bin directory
  3. Upload all TXT files to the same CGI directory in a Binary mode.
  4. Open the CGI file and make sure the path to perl is correct. (currently #!/usr/bin/perl )
  5. Customize the header.txt and footer.txt to match your site look.
  6. Link to the script http://www.domainname/cgi-bin/script.cgi
  7. Enjoy and make Dua for us. If you really like the script you can link to our site 2muslims.com.

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