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Print Free Islamic Hadith search engine CGI Script

Free Islamic Hadith search engine CGI Script

Information: This script after installation will enable your site to have its own Hadith search engine (Muslim, Bukhari and Mwata Malek all in one), customized to your own colors and look.

Price: FREE for Muslims sites as far as they keep or copyright note on the bottom.

Requirements: UNIX server, CGI supported directory, and basic knowledge about the CGI scripts.

Support: Limited to What is found in the support txt attached to each script and on our online forum.


  1. Unpack the zip file to a local folder using a zip utility.
  2. Upload the CGI file in a ASCII mode to your cgi-bin directory
  3. Upload all TXT files to the same CGI directory in a Binary mode.
  4. Open the CGI file and make sure the path to perl is correct. (currently #!/usr/bin/perl )
  5. Customize the header.txt and footer.txt to match your site look.
  6. Link to the script http://www.domainname/cgi-bin/script.cgi
  7. Enjoy and make Dua for us. If you really like the script you can link to our site 2muslims.com.

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