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Print Free Islamic Toolbar For Internet Explorer

Free Islamic Toolbar For Internet Explorer

Click Here to download and install the Islamic Toolbar


  • 100% FREE.
  • Direct Islamic search options right from your browser:
    • Islamic Internet directory search.
    • Quran search in English
    • Hadith search in English
    • Islamic books and articles library search
    • Internet search powered by Google
    • Amazon Product Search
    • Direct search to 2muslims.com.
  • Pop-up blocker: to help you stop pop ups once and for all.
  • Easy site submission to the Muslims directory as you browse.. Just paste the URL to the search area and select Add URL.
  • Search Highlighter, to make it easier to find your search keywords on the search results page.
  • Quick Links to the main services and tools on 2muslims.com.
  • Quick link to our home page
  • Quick link to your favorites stored on our site.
  • Quick link to CAIR (Council On Islamic American Relations) news server.
  • Inline Options
  • Easy "Uninstall" if you decide to remove it.
  • No SpyWare, ScumWare,  Secret Installs, or Pop-up Ads are included with your installation.



  1. By Installing this Internet Explorer Toolbar, you agree to Indemnify The Islamic Education And Services Institute , and any other parties affiliated with our company.
  2. Although thorough checks have been run on these files, we cannot guarantee full protection. If you have any reason to believe the install file may be infected, please run your Virus Scanner, to see if this is the case. We have/will NEVER infect a product, so please note, that would mean that something must be on your PC, with this virus already.
  3. A built in "Uninstall" function has been added to this Toolbar, just in case you don't want to keep it.
  4. We do not guarantee this software will run on every computer perfectly. If you do find a bug, please let us know... and we will do our best to fix it up.