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Print Multi Search and Remote Search plugin for Links SQL

Multi Search and Remote Search plugin for Links SQL

This plug in is sold as is with no support or back up of any type.

This plug in was developed for us by a vendor and since it had such an enormous effect on our site we decided that other user might find it useful (see Alexa).
It carries two main plug ins functions:

  1. Multiple search engines box drop box: ability to add several search engines information (Url, term, other parameter and priority) to a database then present a drop down menu to the users on any of your pages so they can choose to search your forum, Google, directory or any other database you might have. By adding one or more other search url, and inlcuding the <%include include_other_search_engine_bar.html%> at suitable position in the category.html template, the other search engine box will be displayed in any catgory pages. the include_other_search_engine_bar.html can be used as an alternative for include_search_bar.html. see our site for examples (http://www.2muslims.com)
  2. A remote search CGI script to offer your users where they can add a customizable search engine to their site using your database with them controlling the whole look EXCEPT a copyright note that you can control from the admin panel. (see a sample here: http://2muslims.com/...etailed/225679.shtml)