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Aisha the Cat's Eid Dinner

It was the morning of Eid.  Aisha the cat was in her garden. There was a nice breeze that blew the pretty flowers. There were red roses, golden tulips, and pretty daisies. A robin flew past. "Assalamu Alaikum Aisha. Happy Eid!" Mr. Bunny also came hopping down the path. He didn't see Aisha until he bumped right into her. "Oh! Assalamu Alaikum!" Sorry I bumped into you but I have to get ready for my guests!"

    "Oh dear," said the white cat. "I forgot that everyone is coming to my house tonight for Eid dinner! Aisha ran down the path to her house. She ran so  quickly that she bumped into a tree and her glasses came off. "Oh no!" she said. "Now what shall I do without my glasses?" Just then, Abdullah the bear and his sister Fatimah were walking down the road. They tried to help Aisha the cat find her glasses. They looked and they looked but her glasses weren't anywhere to be found! Then, Abdullah sat down and her glasses were under him! "How awful! My glasses! NOW what am I going to do?" "I'm sorry!, said the bear. "I'll go and buy you some new ones." "That's OK. It was my fault after all, Aisha told Abdullah. So, she put on her glasses and went into her house, but her glasses were smudged and everything looked foggy.


   "Hmmm..."said Aisha. "There is fog in the house. I can't have that at Eid dinner." She opened up the window to shoo the fog out. But the fog would not go away.  So she went into the kitchen to make Eid dinner. She bumped into the stove. She went to the refrigerator but couldn't tell what food was what. Instead of milk, eggs, and butter she picked golf balls, cream, and cheese that was next to the refrigerator. "Hmmmm..." the poor cat said. There is something wrong with my food! My eggs are hard, the butter smells funny, and the milk is just like cream! Now what shall I do?" Aisha went to the cupboard.  "I guess I'll just have to fix something else." she said as she looked at all the food. But she couldn't read the labels on the food. Then, all of a sudden the plates on the second shelf came down with a very loud crash!


    Aisha became so upset and started to cry. Big, wet tears rolled down her cheeks and splattered on the floor. What would she say to all of her friends? Just then, she heard a knock on the door. "Who is it?" she asked. She cleaned her glasses to see and everything wasn't foggy anymore! She saw the robin, Mr. Bunny, Fatima, Abdullah, and many other friends! And they all had something tasty with them. "How lovely! Now we can have Eid dinner!"

So, with everyone's help it turned out to be one of the greatest Eid's ever.