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Muslims Webring service


  1. Your site will be listed with other web ring members on a WebRing members page.
  2. Your site could share traffic in and out with other ring members sites.
  3. Your site could get traffic directly from other webring members with out going through our site.

How to Join:

Your site must be listed in the directory to be able to use this service.

  1. To see if your site is listed search for the URL in the search bar on top.

  2. To list your site browse to the appropriate category for your site then click add link on the top menu.

  3. Once you do this log in and update your listing so "Join Webring" will be yes.

  4. Afterward go to the Webmasters Tools and grab the HTML code needed and paste to your site.

Note: we check the code regularly, so please do not remove or alter the code, if you decide to pull out just remove the code and the system will do the rest.

Sample Code:

Click the link below to see a sample code.

This site Muslims Internet Directory
is part of The Muslims Webring. Join Us