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    This is full of scientific and theological error. 1 out of 5 stars

    Reviewed by: Clayton, Nov 19 2005 12:00AM

    I couldn't even finish reading this section, I had to stop.
    Firstly, Astronomy: Origin.
    Yes, the universe originated from a singularity, but science does not point to Allah specifically, only His works.

    Astronomy: Expansion
    The universe is NOT expanding steadily. According to the latest observations, it is accelerating outward (counteracting expected gravitational forces) due to 'Dark Forces'.

    Astronomy: Orbits
    The Sun running to its resting place is obviously referring to the setting at the end of the day. Taken totally out of context!

    Astronomy: Roundness
    The world did NOT believe the earth was flat before the Quran! Fully 1000 years before, the Greeks proved the earth was round AND ESTIMATED ITS CIRCUMFERENCE using the scientific method. A few idiots from England believed it, but if you look at any art depicting kings of early times, they always hold a ball, symbolizing the EARTH.

    Physics: Iron
    The sun has plenty of capability to produce Iron. In fact, Iron is what CAUSES super-novas. In the periodic table, all elements below 23 (Iron) are created in our sun through nuclear fusion (which gives off all that heat and light). Once they progress to #23 (Iron), they stop because it reqires more energy to fuse Iron than the result gives off. Hence, a sinkhole for energy. All stars end up with a dense Iron core that grows, increasing its own gravity, causing collapse and then nova. The EXTREME conditions of a nova are what causes the elements above 23 to form, hence HEAVY metals, etc. Not all stars explode, though. So the Iron on Earth is from non-exploding stars or natural earth radiative activity before cooling. Bottom line: premise is wrong.

    Physics: Pairs
    While the Quran mentions pairs in creation on Earth, it is very obvious that it is referring to male/female animals. Finding a discovery down the road that has the word pair in it does not mean that this line refers to that. Or did Allah also creat pairs of Jeans and shoes too? Please be careful.

    Physics: Relativity
    Time is NOT dependant on mass, only velocity. Energy is dependant on mass through the E=mC^2 equation of relativity.
    Velocity determines the observer's time perception alone. Also, the concept of space-time must be explained I see... Without space (X,Y,Z dimensions) you can have no time (the 4th dimension). Therefore, without a body, that is, a pure spirit, is not bound by time. It sees all the past and future simultaneously. Because Allah has no body, He is Beyond time. The equations of 1000 years this or that are meant to impart on the reader that a long time means nothing to Allah because He sees all.

    I have the greatest fear of Allah and his power, but what I fear more is when people are careless with his gifts of greatness. When we are foolish and careless with our writings, and people find our mistakes, it is Allah who is angry with US. We are His missionaries and the weight is upon us to get the message right. Please correct these and other errors on your page.

    Peace be upon you and your house.
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