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Is one of Syrian Muhafazets that God had bestowed upon it a fascinating landscape and an ancient history. It is Syria’s gate that connects it with Turkey and Europe through Bad AL-Hawa border point.

Edleb is divided into 5 areas with more than a million inhabitants. There are 12 water springs in addition the Oronets river Which crosses the muhafazat from Jisr Ashughor area to Salkin. In this Muhafazet lies half of Syria’s historical hills and landmarks of antiquity such as Ebla, Al-Barra, KoKunaya, Dweiha, Serjella, Jarara and Qalb.

The Muhafazet is also located on the road used by trade convos from Antioch, Afamia, Jerusalem and the Euphrates area.

The surrounding countryside is most attractive: gently rolling uplands where the red soil contrasts with the green of the plants and trees. There are fruit trees everywhere: olives, carefully pruned and tended; apricots, bearing succulent fruit we may meet again in cakes in Damascus; plum trees, with small hard green fruit; pomegranates, whose orange-red flowers used to be a symbol of power and whose heavy fruit is made into a delicious and refreshing drink in the little juice-bars of Aleppo and Damascus. But above all it’s for cherries that the Idleb region is famous. Towards the end of spring small boys on every roadside offer great handfuls of bright gleaming fruit to the passer-by … for a few pence.

For its seven million tress the region provides for nearly all Syria’s requirements of fruit and olives.

In the hilly areas of this delightful region there are many sites that could be developed as "summer holiday centers". T an altitude of 800-900 meters the air is stimulating and the general climate most agreeable.

Tourism Guide

Qalb Louzah Church:

is 50 Km away from Edleb. It is one of the most beautiful churches in the world and dates back to the 6th century A.D. It is 25 meters in length and 15 meters in width.

Aamoud Sarmada:

is 40 km away from Edleb on the road to Bab AL Hawa, and dates back to the year 131 A.D. It is 16 meters high and has many caves beneath it containing tombs engraved in rocks.


ugarit2.jpg (11955 bytes)

This is a depiction of a clay tablet   found in Ugarit (one of the historical cities of the Syrian Coast today called Ras Shamra ). It has the first Alphabet of the world(14th century B.C.) The Kingdom of Ugarit and the Alphabet probably began around 1850 B.C. , but most of the tablets discovered in the area belong to the 14th century B.C.

Towns Around The City

  1. Aamoud Sarmada

  2. Bara

  3. Eebla (G)

  4. Hammam Sheikh Issa
  5. Harim (G)
  6. Jisr al Shugur
  7. Maaret en Nouman
  8. Meskene (G)
  9. Qalb Louzah Church
  10. Salqeen


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