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In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, The Merciful

I learned of Islam while in highschool back in the 1970's... I was raised as a Christian in the Baptist faith, went to church religiously, even studied the catholic creed.. thought I wanted to be a nun (ha ha). I just could not find the rationale and peace in Christianity.. many questions were never answered.. just told to be afraid of hell.. Christ would redeem us.. always questioned.. why was Jesus crucified and no one else??? why was Jesus / god white?? how can three be one and the same?? questioned the trinity?? I was first attracted to a Muslim sister I saw on the train at 16 years old.. she had an aura that was beautiful.. made a promise to myself that one day I wanted to be like her.. only Allah knew what would have become of me.. He was merciful.. I am Muslim now 22 years. al hamdu lilah

Email: Ruqqayyah1@aol.com

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