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Poems for children about Good Manners

 A Good Neighbor  


For your neighbors, lend a hand
Show them that you understand
They have rights we must protect
Show them kindness and respect
For your neighbors try to care
When they're troubled, help repair
Lend an ear and listen too
If they're worried, help them through
For your neighbors give a smile
Spend time with them for a while
Look after your neighbor's needs
And Allaah will reward your deeds


  Eating Habits


Stop your Play, it's time to eat,
Come wash your hands and take a seat
Before you start though, bring to mind,
The mercy of Allah who is so kind.


So begin in the name of Allah,
By always saying Bismillah,
Don't dish out more than you can eat,
For Muslims shouldn't over eat.


And one thing you must understand,
It's good to eat with your right hand,
Never stuff your mouth with food,
That would surely be most rude.


Take your time and chew quite well,
Pick up morsels in case it fell,
Eat your food and leave no waste,
There's no need to eat in haste.


Drink your tea and slip slow,
You don't have to gulp you know,
When you've finished thank Allah,


Good Deeds
Allah loves children
who cares for others,
who do deeds of kindness
to sisters and brothers;


like lending a hand
to somebody hurt,
like smiling at him
and saying a kind word;


like happily sharing
with girls and with boys
one's favorite things
like books and like toys;


like sending flowers to somebody ill;
a visit to him
would be nicer still.


There are many things
we can do for each other,
to make life happy
for our sister and brother.

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