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THE ISLAMIC COMMUNITY IN BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA   Nature The Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina (hereafter ICBH) is the sole and united community of Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina, of Bosniaks outside their homeland, and of other Muslims who accept it as their own. The autonomy of ICBH is based on the religious and legal institutions of Bosnian Muslims from the time of Osmanli administration in Bosnia. The ICBH is inseparable part of the Ummah. The organization of the ICBH and its activities are derived from the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah, Islamic traditions of Bosniaks and the requirements of the time. The ICBH is independent in regulating its activities (rituals, Islamic education, management of Islamic endowments, publishing, charity, etc.) and the management of its property.   Mission, Objectives and Activities The aim of the ICBH is that all of its members should live in conformity with Islamic norms. The ICBH protects the authenticity of the Islamic norms and assures their interpretation and application. In the interpretation and performance of the Islamic religious rituals the Hanafi madhhab is applied. The ICBH dedicates itself to the preservation of the values of marriage and family life and takes care of the Islamic education and upbringing of its members. The ICBH is taking care of the religious rights of Muslims and provides necessary conditions for its members so that they may perform their Islamic religious obligations. The ICBH also organizes and supports activities which improve social and financial living conditions of Muslims. The ICBH establishes and maintains contact and cooperation with Islamic communities, institutions and organizations worldwide and cooperates with other religious communities and organizations promoting peace, justice and good will among all people. The ICBH is financed by waqfs, membership fees, zakah, sadaqat al-fitr, qurban, revenue of its profit-generating agencies, funds, gifts, testaments, etc.   Organizational structure The organizational structure of the ICBH consists of jama‘ahs (community of at least 100 households), majlises (usually a group of not less than 7 jama‘ahs in one municipality or city), muftiluks (mufti districts, 8 of them in Bosnia and 3 in Slovenia, Croatia and Sandžak each), the Riyasat (main executive body of the ICBH), Raisu-l-Ulama (the President of the Riyasat and the Grand Mufti or supreme authority in the ICBH), the Council of the ICBH (Sabor or the ICBH’s assembly) and the Constitutional Court.   Major Institutions There are approximately 1.700 mosques and masjids in Bosnia and Herzegovina as the grassroots institutions of the ICBH. Around 650 of them were completely destroyed during the aggression on Bosnia 1992-95 while another 530 were damaged by Bosnian Serbs (ca 80%) and Croats. Many are still to be reconstructed. Major educational institutions of the ICBH are: the Faculty of Islamic Studies in Sarajevo (est. 1977), Gazi Husrevbey Library (est. 1437), Islamic Teachers’ Academies in Zenica and Bihać, Gazi Husrevbey madrasa (est. 1537) and five other madrasas in Bosnia (Tuzla, Travnik, Mostar, Visoko, and Cazin) and one in Zagreb (Croatia) and one in Novi Pazar (Serbia), and the First Bosniak Gymnasium in Sarajevo (est. 1995). Other institutions of the ICBH are: The Waqf Head Office (1894), Gazi Husrevbey Waqf (est. 1513), El-Kalem Publishing Center (1974), Center for Islamic Architecture (est. 1993), Muslim Information and News Agency – MINA (est. 1990), and the Association of the ‘Ulama’ of the ICBH (1910). Sufi orders (tariqahs) established in accordance with Shari‘ah and Tariqah are also a part of the ICBH.   Main periodicals The ICBH publishes its official journal Glasnik (Herald) almost continuously since 1933, Takvim (the annual prayer timetable and a collection of essays) since 1950, and a fortnightly newspaper Preporod since 1970. Journal Novi Muallim, under various titles, has been published since 1910.               CONTACTS   Riyasat of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Rijaset Islamske zajednice u Bosni i Hercegovini) Zelenih beretki 17 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Tel.: +387 33 533 000 and +387 33 533 172 Fax: +387 33 441 914 URL: www.rijaset.net     Office of the Rais al-Ulama of the IC in B&H (Ured Reis-ul-uleme IZ u BiH) Isa-bega Ishakovića 2 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Tel.: +387 33 239 404 Fax: +387 33 441 573 Email: reiscericm@yahoo.com  

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