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When Does A Woman Become More Beautiful?

Written by: by Islamway :: (View All Articles by: Islamway)
One day, Myself - forever forbidding me from good, and enticing me into evil - asked me, “When does a woman become more beautiful in your eyes?” I asked, “Why do you want to know?” Myself said, “If I tell you, will you answer my question? ” I said, “Yes!” Myself said, “Satan - our grand teacher - is making a survey of what makes the woman more beautiful in the eyes of men” I asked, “What's this survey for?” Myself said, “He wants to make an encyclopedia that will be distributed among the Satans of mankind and Jinn. He wants our approach to be more scientific! Now tell me, when does the woman become more beautiful in your eyes?” I asked, “Do you have ways of making a woman more beautiful in the eyes of men?” Myself said, “Yes, there are many ways, mannerisms and looks. Each man has his own inclinations” I said, “Perhaps you could mention to me some of these and I will choose!” “OK! Do you prefer a fair or dark woman?” “Neither!” “Do you like the one with long or short hair?” “Neither!” “The thin or fat one?” “Neither!” “Do you like the one who uncovers her hair?” “NO!” “Do you like the one who wears tight and short clothes” “NO!” “What about the one who uncovers her shoulders and thighs?” “No way!” “What about the one who sways from side-to-side while walking, strikes the floor with her high heels and speaks softly to men??” “NO!” “You didn't like any of the ones I mentioned to you? I can't think of anything else?” “Really? Try to remember!” ....(silence)... then Myself smiled slyly, “YOU WICKED!! You like a woman when she is wearing a bikini?!!” “Yuck! No!!” ....(silence)... then Myself smiled again, “You evil man!” “What?” “You like the woman who shuts the door and says come?” “NO!” “I've run out of suggestions; you tell me what makes a woman more attractive to you?” “OK! When the woman blushes and goes all red” “Goes all red? I don't understand?” “She becomes more beautiful when she lowers her gaze” “Lowers her gaze?!! What's wrong with you? Speak clearly!” “The woman becomes more attractive, when she becomes more modest and shy. Modesty is the thing that attracts me and many other men. The more a woman is modest the more attractive she becomes....Do you understand??”

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