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Guestbook Plug in for Glinks

Product details:

Version: 1.0.0
Release Date:
31st Oct 2008
Author: Abdou Kattih (

Setting Up

This plugin is pretty simple to setup. First, just edit the templates, and then it should work :)


The main requirements are as follows:

  1. Gossamer Links 3.0.4+


This plugin gives you users the ability to have their *own* guestbook page. With advanced features, such as markup [optional], smilies, ability to ban users from posting on their Guestbook, logging of postings (for admin's eyes only), the ability for admins to "validate" new submissions [optional], a CAPTCHA system for the add pages [optional], many admin features (such as log viewing, validate new posts)... and more. You can even display the xx most recent entries from their guestbook, on their links detailed page. Users can also preview their guestbook entry, before posting. For more details, see the "Features" section - as there's a lot of cool features in this plugin.


The following features are part of this plugin:

  • Admin functions - including validating area (if you decide you want to validate new guestbook entries), and Log viewer (to see  whos posting to whos guestbook)
  • Users can post "smilies" in their posts.
  • Guests are able to sign the guestbook without having to sign up or log in.
  • Admin can set a max number of guestbook entries per user (or set to 0, for unlimited)
  • Ability to show the users last xx posts to their guestbook on their detailed page.
  • The owner of the guestbook can delete entries (from their own guestbook)
  • Users can turn off their Guestbook totally, in their Link record.
  • CAPTCHA security image (can be turned off easily in the admin panel)
  • Logs posts to the Guestbook's.
  • Admin can turn on/off the ability to use BBCodes (only [u] , [b] , [i] , [img] , [email] and [url])
  • Admin can turn on/off the ability to use Smilies
  • User "preview" feature, so they can see how their entry is going to look, before posting it =)


The guestbook_*.html templates shouldn't need any editing , as if you enable/display certain features, they are automatically updated in the template.

You do need to update a couple of standard templates. Detailed.html and include_form.html.

If you want users to be able to show their guestbook entries on their sites then you will edit guestbook_on_your_site.html.

Plugin Options

If you look on your left frame, and scroll down until you see Guestbook  > Setup, you need to click this. You'll see the following options. Each of these should be explained in enough detail on the right.

MaxNumberEntries This is the maximum number of entries a user can have on their guestbook. Set to 0 for unlimited
NumberOfChars This is the number of characters you want the user to have to enter.
RequiresCAPTCHA If you want users to have to enter a CAPTCHA security image when making new posts, set to 1 - otherwise set to 0
RequiresEntryValidation Set this to 1 for yes, and 0 for no. If set to 1, all new guestbook entries must be validated by the admin
PerPage This is the number of entries that you want to show per page on the users guestbook pages
PerPageAdmin This is the number of entries that you want to show per page on the admin Validation page.
AllowBBCode If you want to enable bold, italic, email, img, url and underline BBCode tags - then set to "1"
AllowSmilies If you want to enable smilies, then set to "1"



This is an AS IS plug in, we used third party to develop and can not provide any support for it. If you have any problems with this plugin, you can Post a message on the GT forum:

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