64. Tagaaboon

Syed Abu-Ala' Maududi's Chapter Introductions to the Quran


The Sura takes its name from the sentence Dhalika yaum-ut taghabun of verse 9 thereby implying that it is the Sura in which the word at taghahun has occurred.

Period of Revelation

Muqatil and Kalbi say that it was partly revealed at Makkah and partly at Madinah. Hadrat Abdul]ah bin Abbas and Ata bin Yasar say that vv. 1-13 were revealed at Makkah and vv. 14-18 at Madinah. But the majority of commentators regard the whole of the sura as a Madinan Revelation. Although there is no internal evidence to help determine its exact period of revelation yet a study of its subject matter shows that it might probably have been sent down at an early stage at Madinah. That is why it partly resembles the Makkah suras and partly the Madinan Suras.

Theme and Subject Matter

The theme of this sura is invitation to the Faith and obedience (to Allah) and the teaching of good morals. The sequence followed is that the first four verses are addressed to all men; verses 5-10 to those men who do not believe in the invitation of the Qur'an; and verses 11-l8 to those who accept and believe in this invitation. In the verses addressed to all men they have been made aware in a few brief sentences of the four fundamental truths: First that the universe in which they live is not Godless but its Creator Master and Ruler is an All Powerful God and everything in it testifies to His being most Perfect and absolutely faultless. Second that the universe is not without purpose and wisdom but its Creator has created it with truth no one should be under the delusion that it is a mock show which began without a purpose and wiil come to an end without a purpose. Third that the excellent form that God has created you with and the choice that He has given you to choose between belief and unbelief is not a useless and meaningless activity so that it may be of no consequence whether you choose belief or unbelief. In fact God is watching as to how you exercise your choice. Fourth that you have not been created irresponsible and un-answerable. You have to return ultimately to your Creator and have to meet the Being who is aware of everything in the universe from Whom nothing is hidden to Whom even the innermost thoughts of the minds are known. After stating these four fundamental truths about the Universe and Man the address turns to the people who adopted the way of unbellef and their attention is drawn to a phenomenon which has persisted throughout human history namely that nation after nation has arisen and ultimately gone to its doom. Man by his intellect and reason has been explaining this phenomenon in a thousand ways but Allah tells the real truth and declares that the fundamental causes of the destruction of the nations were only two First that they refused to believe in the Messengers whom He sent for their guidance with the result that Allah too left them to themselves and they invented their own philosophies of life and went on groping their way from one error to another. Second that they also rejected the doctrine of Hereafter and thought this worldly life to be an end in itself and that there was no life hereafter when they would have to render an account of their deeds before God. This corrupted their whole attitude towards life and their impure morals and character so polluted the world that eventually the scourge of God itself had to descend and eliminate them from the scene. After stating these two instructive truths of human history the deniers of the message of Truth have been admonished to wake up and believe in Allah His Messenger and the Light of Guidance that Allah has sent in the form of the Qur'an if they want to avoid the fate met by the former peoples. Besides they have been warned that the Day shall eventually come when all the former and the latter generations will be collected ødt one place and the fraud and embezzlement committed by each will be exposed before all mankind. Then the fate of each man will be decided finally on the basis as to who had adopted the path of the Faith and righteous ness and who had followed the way of disbelief and denial of the Truth. The first group shalt deserve eternal Paradise and the second shall be doomed to everlasting Hell. Then addressing those who adopt the way of the Faith a few important instructions have been given: First that whatever affliction befalls a person in the world it befalls him by Allah's leave. Whoever in this state of affliction remains steadfast to the Faith Allah blesses his heart with guidance; otherwise although the affliction of the one who in confusion or bewilderment turns away from the path of the Faith cannot be averted except by Allah's leave yet he becomes involved in another the greate


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