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Narrated `Abdullah:Once the Prophet was offering the prayer in the shade of the Ka`ba. Abu Jahl and some Quraishi men sent somebody to bring the Abdominal contents of a shecamel which had been slaughtered somewhere in Mecca, and when he brought them, they put them over the Prophet Then Fatima (i.e. the Prophet's daughter) came and threw them away from him, and he said, "O Allah! Destroy (the pagans of) Quraish; O Allah! Destroy Quraish; O Allah Destroy Quraish," naming especially Abu Jahl bin Hisham, `Utba bin Rabi`a, Shaiba bin Rabi`a, Al Walid bin `Utba, Ubai bin Khalaf and `Uqba bin Abi Mitt. (The narrator, `Abdullah added, "I saw them all killed and thrown in the Badr well).

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