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Narrated Abu Shuraih:Al-Adawi that he said to `Amr bin Sa`id while the latter was sending troops in batches to Mecca, "O chief! Allow me to tell you a statement which Allah's Apostle said on the second day of the Conquest of Mecca. My two ears heard it and my heart remembered it and my two eyes saw him when he said it. He (i.e. the Prophet) praised Allah and then said, 'Mecca has been made a sanctuary by Allah and not by the people, so it is not lawful for a person, who believes in Allah and the Last Day to shed blood in it, or to cut its trees and if someone asks the permission to fight in Mecca because Allah's Apostle was allowed to fight in it, say to him; Allah permitted His Apostle and did not allow you, and even he (i.e. the Apostle) was allowed for a short period of the day, and today its (Mecca's sanctity has become the same as it was before (of old) so those who are present should inform those who are absent (this Hadith)." Then Abu Shuraih, was asked, "What did `Amr say to you? Abu Shuraih said, "He said, "I knew that better than you, O Abu Shuraih! The Haram (i.e. Mecca) does not give refuge to a sinner or a fleeing murderer or a person running away after causing destruction."

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