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Free Islamic Toolbar For Internet Explorer featured

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A free internet explorer toolbar that will enable you to search, browse, and interact with the Islamic web sites with ease, it will also provide you with tools like the Direct Islamic search options right from your browser, Pop-up blocker, Easy site submission to the Muslims directory as you browse, Quick Links to the main services and tools, your favorites stored on our site, CAIR news server, and much more..

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InternetMuslim Inc. Download Muslim Companion FREE!

9 out of 10 stars (Added: Sep,23,00, Votes: 6, Hits: 721 , Recommended: 0)

A comprehensive website featuring authentic information about Islam and Muslims. Search Quran/Ahadith, Listen to Lectures, Attend Web Conferences, Read/Discuss News.

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Put the power of the Alexa engine information in your finger tips while having an easy access to

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