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10 km south of Drakysh 35 km east of Tartus and 380 m above sea level Safita is surrounded by hills covered with olive trees and flowers on all sides. The present –day town with its tilted roofs stands on the side of a fortress that was called Castle le Blanc by the Crusaders. One of its huge towers about 28 meters high is still standing, this tower contains a chapel where the Syrian Christians still hold their services in it.

Safita of today stands on a fortress, which was surrounded by a double wall, the first of them almost perfectly oval in shape. It is therefore no surprise as you walk about the streets to come upon some vestiges of medieval architecture.

The keep, 28 meters high, is a two-storey structure: on the ground floor, a fortified church; above it, a large room 26 meters by 132 divided into two parts by a line of three pillars. One exceptional point worthy of note : the castle chapel has never been deconsecrated or converted into a mosque : the majority of the population have been remained Christians of Greek Orthodox faith and nowadays services are still held there.

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