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Situated to the southwest of Syria, this Muhafazet forms the southern gate of the country. Its area is 4,600 square km stretching from the borders of Damascus in the north, to Jordan in the south, the Golan in the west and to Djebal Al- Arab in the east.

Its population reaches up to 500 thousand inhabitants and its climate is cool in winter and hot in summer. This Muhafazet has bee known throughout history as "Horan". It has witnessed from the first bronze age (2800 B.C.) many antique civilizations such as: the Amorites, the Canaanites, the Armenians in addition to the Greeks, the Byzantine, the Romans, the Grassanites and the Arab Islamic civilization.

Throughout the region traces of these civilization have been found in addition to its beautiful sites, the region is known for its mineral water ( Al-Yadudeh). The Muhafazet is linked with other governments by an international highway as well as the Hijaz railway that passes through it. It has numerous hotels, restaurants, parks and a Tourist Information Center to help tourists and visitors

The city of Dara’a

It is the center of the Muhafazet and located 100 Km south of Damascus. The origin of the name is a Canaanite word mentioned by the Pharaoh ThutmoseIII ( 1490-1436 B.C.) in his hieroglyphic tablets as "Athara’a". It was mentioned also in the old testament as "Idra’ai", while the Arab geographers called it "Athra’at". Many vestiges can be found in town such as :

Caves and ancient dwellings.

The Roman Amphitheater

The Remnants of some Roman Baths.

The old <<Oumari Mosque>> that has a special importance in mosque architecture during the Omayyad and Ayoubite periods.

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