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Accommodation can be difficult to obtain in the high season and care should be taken to confirm bookings. Tariffs are the same throughout the year. All rates are subject to a 15% service charge.


Hotels range from fairly low grade to luxurious 5-star accommodation. The best-quality hotels are found in Damascus, where there are three 5-star hotels, and several other hotels with the lowest grade being 3-star. Aleppo has several hotels, ranging from 2- to 5-star. In addition there are hotels in Homs (with a range of 2- to 4-star), Hama (with one 5-star hotel), Latakia (with a good range, from 1- to 5-star), the Latakia suburbs in the mountains (1- to 3-star hotels) and Tartus (1- to 4-star). There is one hotel in Edleb (2-star), a 5-star hotel in Palmyra and there are 3-star hotels in Swaida and 1- to 3-star hotels in Al Hasakah, 1- to 2-star hotels in Qamishly, 2-star hotels and one 5-star hotel in Deir ez Zor and Dar'a, one 5-star hotel in Bosra and 1- to 4-star hotels in Raqqa. For further information contact Cham Palaces & Hotels. Tel: (11) 223 2300. Fax: (11) 224 5762.


Available in Damascus, Zabadani, Aleppo, Idlib, Dar'a and Bosra. Cités Universitaires offer summer accommodation.


There are two official campsites near Damascus, one in Aleppo, one in Latakia and one in Tartus. Otherwise, camping is permitted near resorts.

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