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The simple Quranic Miracle of Sura "Q".

The Quran has 29 Suras that start with an initial, e.g. Sura 2 starts with , A,L,M, Sura 50 starts with "Q" and is called "Q", Sura 38 starts with "S" and is called "S", Sura 68 is called "The Pen" and starts with "N" and so on.

There are 14 different Arabic letters, forming 14 different sets of "Quranic initials and prefix 29 Suras, ( 14+14+29=57).

57 is the number pointing to the Quran in the Quran =19X3.

All these initials have some mathematical relationship to number 19 somehow. I will present here "Q" as an example.

The Quranic Initial "Q" (Qaff):

There are two suras in the Quran that has the Quranic Initial "Q" (Qaff)., Sura 42,& 50. Sura 50 is entitled "Q", prefixed with "Q" and the first verse reads, "Q, and the Glorious Quran" The indication is very strong that this "Q" stands for Quran.Here is a summary of the mathematical miracle found in the initial "Q":

(1) The frequency of occurrence of "Q" in Sura "Q"(No.50) is 57, 19x3

(2) The frequency of "Q" in the only other Q-initialed sura (No.42) is also 57, 19x3

(3)The total occurrence of the letter "Q" in the only two "Q"-initialed suras is 114,=19x6, as we read in sura "Q", the "Q" indicates the Quran. 114 is the total number of suras in the Quran.

(4) Like the letter "Q" in each sura (42&50), the word Quran is mentioned in the Quran 57 times in referral to this Quran. 57=19x3
(5)The Quran was described in sura "Q" as "Majid" (Glorious), the word Majid has a gematrical (numerical) value of 57,=19x3 (M=40, J=3, I=10, & D=4).

(6)Sura 42 has 53 verses and 42+53=95 , 19x5
(7) Sura 50 has 45 verses and 50+45=95, 19x5

(8) The number of "Q"s in all the verses numbered "19" throughout the Quran is 76, 19x4 .

Coincidence?? There is nothing called coincidence in God's universe. This would give you a small idea of what the Mathematical Miracle of the Quran would look like.

Copied With permission From Submission.org

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