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Simple facts of the Mathematical Miracle.

Like the Quran itself, the Quran's mathematical Miracle ranges from the very simple , to the very complex. The simple facts are those observations that can be ascertained without using any tools. The complex facts require the assistance of a calculator or a computer.

The following facts do not require any tools to be verified, but please remember they all refer to the original Arabic text:

1- The first verse 1:1 known as "Basmalla" consists of 19 letters.

2-This verse was revealed to Muhammed after 74:30, which states "Over it is 19". not a coincidence.

3-The Quran consists of 114 suras, which is 19X6.

4-The total number of verses in the Quran is 6346, or 19X334 (6234 numbered verses and 112 unnumbered verses (Basmalla). 6234+112=6346. notice also that 6+3+4+6= 19

5-The Basmalla occurs in the Quran 114 times, despite its conspicuous absence from Sura 9 (it occurs twice in Sura 27) and 114 = 19 X 6

6-From the missing Basmalla of Sura 9 to the extra Basmalla of Sura 27, there are precisely 19 Suras.

7-It follows that the total of the sura numbers from 9 to 27 9+10+11+12..... . +26+27) is 342, or 19X 18

8-This total (342) also equals the number of words between the two Basmallas of sura 27. and 342 = 19X18

9-The famous first revelation (96:1-5) consists of 19 words.

10-This 19-worded first revelation consists of 76 letters, & 76=19X4

11-Sura 96, first in the chronological sequence, consists of 19 verses.

12-This first Chronological sura is placed atop the last 19 suras.

13-Sura 96 consists of 304 Arabic letters and 304 = 19X16

14-The last revelation (Sura 110) consists of 19 words.

15-14 different Arabic letters, form 14 different sets of "Quranic Initials" (Such as A.L.M., of 2:1) and prefix 29 suras.These numbers add up to 14+14+29=57 19 X 3

16-The total of the 29 sura numbers where the Quranic initials occur is   2+3+7....+50+68=822, and 822 +14 (14 sets of initials)=836 =19X44

17-Between the first intialed Sura (Sura 2) and the last intialed Sura (Sura 68) there are 38 un-initialed suras , 38=19X2

18-Between the first and last initialed sura there are 19 sets of alternating "initialed" and "uninitialed" Suras,

19-The Quran mention 30 different whole numbers throughout, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,19,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,99,100,200,300,1000,2000, 3000,5000,50,000, & 100,000. The sum of these numbers is 162146 = 19X8534

The following 2 facts may need some help with a calculator.

20- The word God (ALLAH) occurs throughout the Quran in its 114 Suras 2698 times and 2698= 19X142.

21-The number of verses where the word God occurs add up to 118123 also a multiple of 19, = 19X6217

22-The Quran's dominant message is that there is only "ONE GOD" The word 'One", in Arabic "Wahid" in reference to God occurs 19 times throughout the Quran.

23-The word "Wahid" itself, (one) has a numerical value of 19. W=6, A=1, H=8, D= 4. These are a well known values.

24-The word "Quran" occurs in the Quran 58 times, with one of them referring to "another Quran" in 10:15, therefore, if excluded, the frequency of "this Quran" in the Quran is 57, or 19X3

25- The first Pillar of Islam is stated in 3:18 as "La Elaaha Ella Hoo".(There is no other God besides Him). This most important expression occurs in 19 suras.

Copied With permission From Submission.org

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