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Reflections†on Quranic verses about†the Miracle of Quran

For every time and age, there comes a miracle, specific for that lime, which is why the miracles have changed. (17:59; 18:55; 21:5)

-The mathematical miracle of the Quran was designed by God Almighty for the computer age. (2:118; 10:.20; 74:29.30)

-"They say, 'How come no miracle came down to him from his Lord? Say, "the future belongs to God; so wait and I am waiting along with you.' " (10:20); This Prophecy came to pass at the right lime. As mentioned in chapter 27 (the Ant) verse 82 we read:

"At the right time, we will produce for them a creature, made of earthly materials. " This creature is the computer which is made of silicon and which without it the mathematical calculation of the Quran would have been impossible,

-The role of numbers in the Quran (A book written with a numerical base). (72:28; 83:9,20)

-The Hour has come closer and the moon has split. Then they saw a miracle. When man walked on the moon in 1969, they brought moon-rock back to earth themselves. Then in 1974 the mathematical miracle of the Quran was unveiled. (54:1-2; 74:30)

-After 14 centuries, God unveiled The Quran's hidden secret through Rashad Khalifa. (25:6; 74:1,30}

-The time for discovering the miracle was predetermined. (13:38-43)

-"O people, a proof has come to you from your Lord; we have sent down to you a profound beacon. "(4:174)

-What if it is from God and you disbelieved in it? (46:10)

-A witness from the Children of Israel has borne witness to a similar phenomenon, and has believed.

-The name of this witness is Rabbi Judah the Pious, who discovered the same 19-based mathematical code in intact fragments of the Torah. (11;17; 26:197: 46:10)

-The role that the number nineteen plays, starts In the very first verse:
Besm Ellahe Erahrnane Erahim (In The Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful) is made of 19 Arabic letters, which un-surprisingly is 38 (19x2) in the English translation.
Even though all the chapters (suras) in The Quran with the exception of sura 9 starts with " In The Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful", yet none of them are considered the first verse of the sura except in sura I, The Key, which is supported with sufficient proofs published in a separate booklet.

-In the second sura ,  called The Heifer, the first verse starts with the so called mysterious letters,  (A.L.M.)  . Immediately after the first verse, God explains the role of these letters for us: "A.L.M., This scripture is infallible.....", therefore, there must be a connection between the Quran and the mysterious letters which prevent any error from entering this book. Even though God mentions in 15:9, "Absolutely, we have revealed the reminder (Zikr,Quran), and, absolutely, we will preserve it .", but God doesn't explain how He will preserve it in that verse. However, It is explained in sura 74, the Hidden Secret, "Over it is nineteen." (74:30)

-The first verse of sura 14, Abraham, clearly shows that simultaneous with discovering the function of these mysterious letters, the believers will be guided from the darkness into the light. (14:1)

-The statement "Telka Ayatol Ketab" which is mentioned immediately after the mysterious letters in the first verses of suras 10, 12, 14, 15. 26, 27, 28, and 31 specify that: These (letters) are the proofs and miracle of the Qur'an.

-In suras 40, 41, 45, and 46 after the mysterious letters we read that "This Is a revelation from God".

-Even though at the beginning of the discovery of this miracle, most people will not believe (13:1); however, as the miracle spreads around the world, certainly, those who disbelieved will wish if they were submitters (I5:2).

-Throughout the entire Quran, the only time that God attributes greatness to the Qur'an is in 15:87 where He mentions 'the seven pairs' {7x 2 = 14), which are the mysterious letters  (the 14 letters 'Alphabets' used in the creation of the mathematical miracle of the Quran) . They are part of the Quran's secret. These 14 letters form fourteen different combinations found In the beginning of 29 suras of the Ouran.

14+14+29=57=19x3 (2:1)(3:1)(7:1)(10:1)(11:1) (12:1) (13:1) (14:1) (15:1) (19:1) (29:1) (26:1) (27:1) (28:1) (29'.1) (30:1) (31:1) (32:1) (36:1) (38:1) (40:1) (41:1) (42:1-2)(43:1) (44:1) (45:1) (46:1) (50:1) (68:1)

-Verse 82 of sura 27, The Ant, tells us that at the same time the miracle of 19 is being discovered, it will be known that the people are living in darkness and do not have true convictions and in 14:1, Abraham, we read "A.L.R. A scripture that we revealed to you, in order to lead the people out of darkness into the light...."

-The Ouran's miracle I9 proves that this unparalleled Final Testament (Quran) with its amazing and inimitable order and design resembles the laws of astronomy which are very calculated and precise. Truly the calculations in the Quran lead to astronomical calculations. Most certainly, the only One who designed the precise laws and calculations of the heavenly bodies in our universe could be the only author of this book  (Quran)(56:75-80).

-We read in the Quran, "...then produce one sura like these... if you are truthful " (2:23 & 10:38). "If al the humans and all the Jinn's banded together in order to produce a Quran like this, they could never produce anything like it, no mater how much assistance they lent one another." (17:88)

-Before discovering the Quran's mathematical miracle , the previous generations hadn't even seen one tenth of the miracle that was given to this generation; it was predetermined for this miracle to be revealed in the future (10:20 & 34:45)

-God has promised that a witness will come with the proof (miracle, signs). (11:17)

-The only answer that God gives to those who claim that the Quran is authored by humans is "Over it is nineteen" (therefore, the number 19 plays an important role in proving that the Quran is a divine book)(74:25, 30).

-There are five key reasons for number 19 which are mentioned in sura 74, the sura called "The Hidden -Secret", verse 31:

1 - to disturb The disbelievers.
2- to convince the Christians and Jews (that this is a divine scripture).
3- to strengthen the faith of the faithful.
4- to remove all traces of doubt from the hearts of Christians, Jews, as wall as the believers.
5- to expose those who harbor doubt in their hearts, and the disbelievers.

-Through the computer and the mathematical miracle, God exposes those who are disbelievers while they think that they are believers (27:82 & 74:31). Obviously, this is not meant for those disbelievers who openly confess their disbelief, for what is already obvious doesn't need any exposure This is meant for those disbelievers who are totally unaware of their own disbelief  hence, they are tested with the miracle of 19 to expose their belief or lack of it therein. (18:104; 27:82; 40:56; 43:37; 58:18)

-Note that if the number of the guardians of Hell were 19, then there would be no basis for mentioning the above:
1 - How would the number of the guardian of Hell disturb the disbelievers?
2- How would it convince the Christians and Jews that this is a divine scripture?
3- How would it strengthen the faith of the faithful?
4- How would it remove traces of doubt from the hearts of the people of the scripture.
5- How would it expose those who harbor doubt in their hearts, and the disbelievers?

-As you see, It is with the help of the mathematical miracle of the Ouran that the faithful and the people of the scripture will become certain regarding the divinity of the Quran, because on Judgment Day we will no longer have the time to strengthen our faith or to become believers.

-Also, obvious to all the people, "over it is nineteen" is a complete sentence and should not be separated, and the portion "it" ('ha" In the word "alayha" In Arabic) refers to each and every sura of the entire Quran. If it only referred to that phrase or chapter 'it' (the 'ha') would have been written "feeha' instead of  in "alayha". Furthermore, at the end of verse 31 in sura 74 we read, "None knows the soldiers of your Lord except He." This is a reminder for the people. The last sentence in this verse had puzzled the scholars for centuries. In any case and irrespective of what any person wants to think of what number 19 refers to, is irrelevant , as God is insisting that the number 19 itself (through the miracle) will do the above mentioned functions (74:31)

-God swears that absolutely the mathematics of the Quran is one of the great miracles.(74:32-35)

-Why 19?

This was the best number for playing this role. The gematrical value of the word 'wahd' (One) in Arabic is 19: w(6) + a(1) +h(8) +d(4) = 19 and what  a better way of having a personal stamp that indicates the One number for the One God, after all, God created all the numbers and assigned their values.

-Disbelief in the Quran's miracle is the same as disbelieving the Ouran. (41:41)

-These who disbelieve, they think that the divine proofs and miracles are simple and the work of human beings and they say that they can also do the same. (8:31 & 74:21.25)

-Those who disbelieved said about those who believed, 'If It were anything good, they would not have accepted it before us." (46:11)

-The disbelievers try to demean the importance of this miracle because they have never known or seen a miracle like this.

-The disbelievers try to make it look wrong or distort it. (3:99-100)

-The disbelievers may say: 'We believe that the Quran is from God, and we don't need this mathematical miracle' , ( Remember , even Abraham needed reassurance 2:260)

-The disbelievers want to put out God's light, but God insists on perfecting His Light (9:32 & 61:8)

-Meanwhile, some will continue to reject the miracle, just because they rejected it in the past (7:101 & 10:74)

-God tells them to fear Him and if they have rejected the miracle in the past to stop rejecting it from now on and instead, believe in the miracle that they are witnessing. (3:70-73, 135)

-The Quran is a book written with a numerical and mathematical base. Those who witness its mathematical miracle are among those who are close to God (in other words, those who are close to God will examine and study the miracle). (83:20-21)

-God swears: 'Absolutely, (I swear) by the moon. And the night as it passes. And the morning as it shines. This is one of the great miracles'. For this proof and miracle, like the shining moon and morning will bring light to those who are in the darkens of ignorance and idolatry. 'This is one of the great miracles. A warning to the human race." (74:32-35)

-The true believes will rejoice in this miracle. (10:58 & 15:1-2)

Copied With permission From Submission.org

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