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Iron, Steel and the Miracle of the Quran

God , the Omnipotent, the Omniscient, has told us in the Quran that He "Counted the numbers of all things" 72:28 (7+2+2+8=19). The Mathematical Miracle of the Quran , that God called "one of the great miracles " 74:35 (7+4+3+5= ?) has been expanding and more discoveries are being observed as He promised in the Quran. the following quotes are taken from an old issue of  one of  the Submitters journals.

"God assured us in the Quran that His book is complete, perfect and fully detailed. True submitters (Muslims) accept this fact while others look for other sources because they do not believe God. When students go to school and study different subjects, they never ask if the subject taught by the teacher is correct or the author of the book they study has explained the subject matter properly. If one does not understand "tensor algebra" or "group theory", he/she usually blames him/herself for not being able to understand, the book is always right. This situation is usually reversed for the Quran which is always blamed for not being DETAILED in spite of God's assertion to the contrary. God, on the other hand tells us that He is the one who gives knowledge and wisdom. Obviously Solomon did not go to Harvard Law School and neither did Zul Quarnain go to MIT.

Both these men were given the correct understanding by God, for they knew that the correct understanding comes from God to His obedient and appreciative servants. These men as well as other examples we witness in the Quran always thanked God for His blessings instead of referring to "nature" as some do.

The case of Zul Qarnain is interesting because God in simple language tells us how to manufacture "steel". If you study the Quran, Chapter (Sura) 18, God narrates the history of Zul Qarnain and his journey to a place between the two palisades. He meets people whom he can hardly understand. These people complain to him about Gog and Magog and how corrupt they are. They ask him if he can make a barrier between them and Gog and Magog. In verse 95 he says that "My Lord has given me many bounties....", therefore he immediately refers to the source of the 'giving", God. Invaluable information on how to make an alloy with iron and carbon follows in verse 18:96 and has been at peoples disposal for almost 1400 years. Today, we know from the science of metallurgy how to produce steel.

The IRON : Sura 57 (57 = 19X 3)

Sura 57 in the Quran is called "The Iron" in Arabic (Al-Hadeed). The word (Al-Hadeed) in Arabic has a gematrical value of 57, the same like the sura number. The gematrical value of the Arabic word (Hadeed) without the (Al) is 26.   Number 26 is the position of iron in the periodic table of elements.(the number of protons in the iron nucleus is 26)

The iron itself in mentioned in verse 25 of this sura. The last word God (ALLAH) mentioned in verse 25 is the 26th word GOD from the beginning of this sura. (This is the number of PROTONS in the iron nucleus.) Verse 25 in this sura is the 19th verse which contains the word God in Sura 57. God is Omniscient.

Copied With permission From Submission.org

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Please note that Muslims do not base their faith on such sights. Our anchor is the Quran, our Holy Book and the abundant knowledge and wisdom on life, science, nature, etc. within it. If you wish to see a REAL miracle - these sights are not it - Read the Quran.
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