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The order of the Suras†of the Quran,†Another miracle.

The Qu’ran was given to Muhammad, the Last Prophet. Its revelation lasted 20 years and, of course, Muhammad wrote it down in its chronological order. He left the proper instructions to put all the Suras and all the verses at the right place.

19 years after his death, a committee was appointed to perform this very important task. For example, the first Sura revealed was “The Hanging (Embryo.)” Yet it was not placed as the first Sura of the Qu’ran. “The Hanging (Embryo)” was placed as the 96 th Sura of the Qu’ran. Indeed, according to the instructions left by the Prophet, “The Hanging (Embryo)” was to be the 96 th Sura of the Qu’ran. The first one being the 5 th Sura revealed: “The Key.” The committee just followed the instructions left by the Prophet. The Prophet was but a man – he just did what his Lord, the One and Only God, told him to do. He knew nothing about the Mathematical Miracle, for it was to be revealed during the computer age.  See10:20 and 27:82.

The fact that the order of the Suras of the Qu’ran is different from the order of revelation gives us a direct item for the Mathematical Miracle and confirms once again the validity of the instructions left by the Prophet.  It confirms beyond doubt that the collection and the writing of the Quran was all controlled by God Almighty, the author of the Quran Himself. See 75:16-17

Let us write down the numbers of all the Suras of the Qu’ran preceded by their revelation order next to each other. Sura 1 is the 5 th Sura revealed, thus the number representing it looks like this: 5 1. Sura 2 is the 87 th Sura revealed, its number looks like this: 87 2. The number representing the first two Suras looks like this: 5 1 87 2.

Let us do the same with all the Suras. We get a final number that consists of 468 digits and that long number follows the same pattern of the rest of the Mathematical Miracle of the Quran, is a multiple of 19. See 74:30  "Over it is 19."

Here is the final number representing the Sura numbers preceded by their revelation order:


That number divided by the number 19 gives us:

54 264905811531857424300563953062162691637163748480105859006

Morad Echarkaoui.

Copied With permission From Submission.org

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