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Structure of Muslim Names

Male Names

  1. Names of Allah can be preceded with Abdul.
    • Abdul Aziz
      Abdus if a name starts with 'S' eg Abdus Saboor
  2. Ahmad and Muhammad are often used before and after the names of Allah, Muhammad or others.
    • Muhammad Ali
      Basheer Ahmad
  3. Biblical names in Arabic may be combined with names of Allah, Muhammad or others.
    • Muhammad Ali
      Haroon Ghaffar
  4. Abu added to the name of a Married man indicated that he is father of the child of the same name.
    • Abu Haroon means father of Haroon.
  5. Ibn or Bin Mean "Son of"
    • Adam bin Qurban-Ali means Adam son of Qurban-Ali

Female Names

  1. A single woman can use the name of the father after the chosen name.
    • Maryaam Ahmad.
  2. The chosen name may be followed by Aaraa, Akthar, Begum, Jahaan, Khaanam, Khaatoon etc
    • Nasim Akthar
      Zubaida Begum.
  3. Prefixing Umm means "Mother of".
    • Umm Hanifa means mother of Hanifa.
  4. Bint after female name indicates that she is the "Daugther of"
    • Salma Bint Hanifa means salma daughter of Hanifa

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) recommended that Muslims should be selective in the names of their children as part of the identity of a Muslim. He recommended that the most beautiful names are those which give servitude or praise to Allah.

Combinations of various names is a matter of personal liking and choice. Names of Allah should never be used alone. These should always be preceded by Abdul or should be combined with another name in such a way that the final name does not remain a specific attribute of Allah.

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